Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Today Was a Much Better Day

I am still very guarded but there were no overt comments, threats or what not, but I feel like given time the other shoe will drop. Things are changing out of necessity. I still have not felt compelled to work late. Seems I can just get it done. Maybe my hostpitals are easy so I must be doing something wrong still. hmmmm....

G had an okay day at school. Took an AR test but didn't get 100 just 80. We read it twice (she once and me to her once) but for some reason, even last year, this particular series of books are very hard for her. I hope she doesn't get stalled on chapter books. Yes it is still a good grade but I know she tries so hard.

Only 3 more days to the weekend and G's first soccer game of the season. Hope it cools down soon because soccer will be way too hot to enjoy, I mean for those kids to run around for, heh.
They have really pretty colors this time, black and red. So excited to see them play. The socks don't feel as thick either which is really good.

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Vivian M said...

80 is a great score! And I hope it cools down soon too, ugh the humidity is worse than the heat.
Fingers crossed things stay calm at work!