Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume for 2012,  magician. 

Just so you know the mustache and beard were a point of deep contention for G.  I know the mustache and goatee make the costume and refused to allow her to not wear it.

She said, "What if people thinks it is real?"  Then she said, "What if someone asks me to do a magic trick?" 

I said, "Tell them it is just a costume for Halloween."  Then lo and behold a friend we ran into at the trunk r treat did just that and asked for a trick.  We both agreed that question fed right into G's insecurities and she would be responsible for the counseling sessions G would endure for years to come, heh. 

Anyway, the candy witch may not make an appearance this year as G is older and has shown herself to be very responsible with slowly eating the candy over a long period of time rather than stuffing herself silly with candy. Plus she always always asks me if she can have a piece before she just takes it. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Ramblings

Last soccer game, hoorah! and it was bitterly cold. My ears are still hurting from the wind. Somehow we missed fall and went straight to winter. On the way to the game I showed G her report card that was in my purse from Thursday's parent teacher conference. G was looking at it and said, "There is a dirty word on here." I said, "Sex is not a dirty word"(because yes I knew that was the word she was looking at). I said, "it means gender." She said, "You mean I got an 'F' in sex?!?!?!" Seriously, life imitates joke. So I made pizza for lunch today and realized after getting the dough ready that we were out of sauce. Had to stop, go to the store and get sauce. Then when I started to open the can I saw the package of yeast that I apparently forgot to put in the dough. So I am very hopeful that the dough will taste alright without it. Today is laundry day and rest day. I had to put gas in the car for the week. Filled it up on $58. I cashed a $60 check and prayed that it wouldn't take it all. Thankfully, God answered and it cost $58. I gave the $2 to G for her report card to which she replied, "Grammie gave me $5." Did I mention it is cold? We slept with the space heaters on last night. I am hoping for a mild winter so I won't have to turn on the main house heater. G is running around in short sleeve shirt and flip flops. She put shorts on at first even though when she asked what she should change into I said jeans. My main question at this age is why ask me if you are going to argue with my answer? We had tears last night for what seemed like no reason. I mentioned it to the soccer coach because I thought last night it was due to illness but the soccer coach said it could be hormones. Oh please no! Not yet, we are just 8. Anyway, beyond laundry and gearing up for Halloween nothing much is going on. I am still managing to offend 2 co-workers just by breathing. One of the three was let go but 2 trouble makers are still there. The manager is learning to be a manager but not doing so well at it yet. She is trying and I do respect her. I just wish she would take the bull by the horns so to speak. Can't wait until November 7 when the announcement will be made that Romney won. I am praying it will be so. After this Benghazi fiasco if Obama wins another term there will be no hope left for America as the constitution defines it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wonders of Childhood: WWF

Well at least my childhood I suppose. G has just tonight discovered the joys of wrestling. Yes, she is watching wrestling or as we sometimes say in the south, wrastlin', and she is loving it. I remember going to a live match when the Fabulous Ones were the good guys and Tojo Yamamoto was a bad guy and that was the night I discovered it was all fake. Bill Dundee also wrestled that night. Seemed the wrestlers were always switching sides too. One week they were good and the next bad. Jerry the king Lawler wrestled around here. I met him MUCH later in life at a party. He seemed to never age. Makes the third generation watching and enjoying wrestling. My parents watched it too when they were young.

We Got Our Sign

Last Saturday after soccer, G and I headed out to get our Romney/Ryan signs. Looks nice doesn't it?

Supposedly G's school is going to "vote" as well I guess to learn about voting?  Anyway, G being in third grade brings memories of when I was in 2nd grade with Jimmy Carter in the WH.  I believe that was when my political persuasions began.  Had nothing at all to do with my parents beliefs as they were registered (souther) democrats with all of the meaning that brings to mind. 

Times have changed and I try to point out the hypocrisy in the Obama WH particularly the gruesome things like Benghazi. Oh I haven't told her in great detail but I have told her enough that she knows our Ambassador died and Obama lied.

I am raising her right, with all the meaning that brings to mind.

I Voted

Early voting this year was much shorter than early voting (for me) in 2008.  If everyone will turn out we will have a new president and true hope.  And it will be another historical moment for I don't believe we have ever had a Morman in the WH.

I am complete disagreement with Morman Theology.  I do however stand solidly with Mormans for the strength and importance of the family and of life.  Romney wasn't my 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice but I believe he is the best choice for this time in American history.  If we ever expect to return to the freedoms we have so recently thrown away, Romney/Ryan is the COME BACK TEAM!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Book Review

Tangled Ashes by Michele Phoenix is a mix of historical and modern fiction.  I enjoyed the majority of the story.  I truly got caught up in the history of the storyline.  I was tempted on several occasions to skip ahead and find out the end of the mystery but I held my ground and read through.

The story line is the remodelling of a castle in France (current time) that hides a mystery that had its beginning in Nazi occupied France.  The castle had been used by Nazis for a secret program.  The very first chapter takes place toward the end of WWII when the Nazis know they are being defeated.  Thus begins the mystery.

The modern portion weaving its way through the book is of the (current time) American contractor employed to oversee and reconstruct some of the historical elements of the castle.  As the castle is restored the characters grow and change as well and the mystery is fully exposed as the castle is finished.

What bothered me most, although it was easy to overcome to finish the book, was the relationship between the contractor and the nanny who works for the current owners of the castle.  It seemed that the author tried too hard to make a romance happen that was not necessary for the plot of the book. 

The historical mystery was enough romance and heartache that the need for a romance between the contractor and nanny I just felt wasn't necessary.  The historical part of the book read like someones true story or a true memoir.  The current time part of the book felt like fiction and I think that was because of the forced relationships of the characters in the current time story. 

I would recommend this book for a fast fun read.  I received this book for free in exchange for my review, opinions are 100% mine.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Picture Day

This is G's outfit for picture day.  I was futzing with the tie and said, "G you have no neck."  I of course was meaning no long lithe neck but G has a short neck and she said, "You don't either." 
I of course know I have no neck and for that matter no forehead, but I dirgress.  I said, "I know.  Amazing how much we look alike, we could be twins except for that whole Chinese thing."  G just giggled.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Not Much Happening

There hasn't been a lot happening around here lately thus the lack of posts.  G is playing soccer, though today's games were cancelled due to a lot of rain last night.  Picture day is Tuesday for school and we shopped last Sunday for new pants and new Sunday outfits for fall.  Turned cold today so it really does feel like fall. 

I was ready for the 100 degree weather to go away so I guess I can deal with the draining sinuses for a bit.  Or at least keep us both heavily medicated.

G is currently (as in right this minute) trying to prove to Santa (yes she still believes) that legos would be a great Christmas present.  How is she trying to prove this, you ask?  Well, she is playing with them.  You see, she heard about this fantastic ($400) set of legos that a school friend is going to ask Santa for and I told her that she never plays with her legos (4 sets of them collected over the years), to which she responded, "I don't have time." 

I pointed out that Santa never brings things that you don't have time for so she is trying to show Santa that she does play with them, heh.

Last week I earned my yellow belt and my demo chevron (G did too but she is a blue belt so she has a bit to go before testing again).  It was a fun time but I have yet to be able to afford a gi.  Anyone know anyone wanting to get rid of a size 5 black taekwondo gi?  I would be a most grateful recipient.

Work has been interesting, my boss supported me in the only way she knew how on Thursday by telling me, "It must suck to be you with all of the billing department hating you."  Oh yes she did. 

I pointed out that two didn't hate me to which she agreed.  On Tuesday she asked me to do a project which ticked off half the billing office so Tuesday sucked big giant rocks and I couldn't figure out why the hostile feeling was so strong.

On Thursday I understood.  She said one of the 3 came to her ranting and raving about me not doing the charge entries because of this other project and who told me to do it anyway and we don't want to get behind blah blah blah.  My boss told me she let the girl rave on and then pointed out that she had assigned me the project to do herself.  So the animosity is very strong and it all boils down to an understanding I have of database systems and the need for me to understand something in order to do it.  The other 3 do it because someone said and the someone who said actually is the OM that was fired and was wrong 100%.

Anyway there may be some changes soon because a consultant has come, yes another consultant, who claims to be a very good reader of personalities and I was able to tell him of my hr benefits and payroll background plus he asked me to pull some reports for the doctors which I did.  I hope he sees that I can do much more and should be given the opportunity.  What they need is an HR person, not in a supervisory role, but to handle the payroll and the benefits plus help with credentialing etc. 

Anyway, hopefully I will be no longer in the billing department because in the manager's mind they all hate me.  Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry!  I have vowed to not complain but I will document stuff because truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.  I am very glad I have a job and I have a job that supports the outside work activities though gas is a killer!  Other than paying my parents rent I at least can make all the other bills okay.  Things are much better but not great.  Maybe one day they will be great again.  We are both healthy and school is hard but okay for G.