Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Book Review

Tangled Ashes by Michele Phoenix is a mix of historical and modern fiction.  I enjoyed the majority of the story.  I truly got caught up in the history of the storyline.  I was tempted on several occasions to skip ahead and find out the end of the mystery but I held my ground and read through.

The story line is the remodelling of a castle in France (current time) that hides a mystery that had its beginning in Nazi occupied France.  The castle had been used by Nazis for a secret program.  The very first chapter takes place toward the end of WWII when the Nazis know they are being defeated.  Thus begins the mystery.

The modern portion weaving its way through the book is of the (current time) American contractor employed to oversee and reconstruct some of the historical elements of the castle.  As the castle is restored the characters grow and change as well and the mystery is fully exposed as the castle is finished.

What bothered me most, although it was easy to overcome to finish the book, was the relationship between the contractor and the nanny who works for the current owners of the castle.  It seemed that the author tried too hard to make a romance happen that was not necessary for the plot of the book. 

The historical mystery was enough romance and heartache that the need for a romance between the contractor and nanny I just felt wasn't necessary.  The historical part of the book read like someones true story or a true memoir.  The current time part of the book felt like fiction and I think that was because of the forced relationships of the characters in the current time story. 

I would recommend this book for a fast fun read.  I received this book for free in exchange for my review, opinions are 100% mine.

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Vivian M said...

I personally don't read romance novels, but love a good mystery book!