Saturday, October 06, 2012

Not Much Happening

There hasn't been a lot happening around here lately thus the lack of posts.  G is playing soccer, though today's games were cancelled due to a lot of rain last night.  Picture day is Tuesday for school and we shopped last Sunday for new pants and new Sunday outfits for fall.  Turned cold today so it really does feel like fall. 

I was ready for the 100 degree weather to go away so I guess I can deal with the draining sinuses for a bit.  Or at least keep us both heavily medicated.

G is currently (as in right this minute) trying to prove to Santa (yes she still believes) that legos would be a great Christmas present.  How is she trying to prove this, you ask?  Well, she is playing with them.  You see, she heard about this fantastic ($400) set of legos that a school friend is going to ask Santa for and I told her that she never plays with her legos (4 sets of them collected over the years), to which she responded, "I don't have time." 

I pointed out that Santa never brings things that you don't have time for so she is trying to show Santa that she does play with them, heh.

Last week I earned my yellow belt and my demo chevron (G did too but she is a blue belt so she has a bit to go before testing again).  It was a fun time but I have yet to be able to afford a gi.  Anyone know anyone wanting to get rid of a size 5 black taekwondo gi?  I would be a most grateful recipient.

Work has been interesting, my boss supported me in the only way she knew how on Thursday by telling me, "It must suck to be you with all of the billing department hating you."  Oh yes she did. 

I pointed out that two didn't hate me to which she agreed.  On Tuesday she asked me to do a project which ticked off half the billing office so Tuesday sucked big giant rocks and I couldn't figure out why the hostile feeling was so strong.

On Thursday I understood.  She said one of the 3 came to her ranting and raving about me not doing the charge entries because of this other project and who told me to do it anyway and we don't want to get behind blah blah blah.  My boss told me she let the girl rave on and then pointed out that she had assigned me the project to do herself.  So the animosity is very strong and it all boils down to an understanding I have of database systems and the need for me to understand something in order to do it.  The other 3 do it because someone said and the someone who said actually is the OM that was fired and was wrong 100%.

Anyway there may be some changes soon because a consultant has come, yes another consultant, who claims to be a very good reader of personalities and I was able to tell him of my hr benefits and payroll background plus he asked me to pull some reports for the doctors which I did.  I hope he sees that I can do much more and should be given the opportunity.  What they need is an HR person, not in a supervisory role, but to handle the payroll and the benefits plus help with credentialing etc. 

Anyway, hopefully I will be no longer in the billing department because in the manager's mind they all hate me.  Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry!  I have vowed to not complain but I will document stuff because truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.  I am very glad I have a job and I have a job that supports the outside work activities though gas is a killer!  Other than paying my parents rent I at least can make all the other bills okay.  Things are much better but not great.  Maybe one day they will be great again.  We are both healthy and school is hard but okay for G. 

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