Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Ramblings

Last soccer game, hoorah! and it was bitterly cold. My ears are still hurting from the wind. Somehow we missed fall and went straight to winter. On the way to the game I showed G her report card that was in my purse from Thursday's parent teacher conference. G was looking at it and said, "There is a dirty word on here." I said, "Sex is not a dirty word"(because yes I knew that was the word she was looking at). I said, "it means gender." She said, "You mean I got an 'F' in sex?!?!?!" Seriously, life imitates joke. So I made pizza for lunch today and realized after getting the dough ready that we were out of sauce. Had to stop, go to the store and get sauce. Then when I started to open the can I saw the package of yeast that I apparently forgot to put in the dough. So I am very hopeful that the dough will taste alright without it. Today is laundry day and rest day. I had to put gas in the car for the week. Filled it up on $58. I cashed a $60 check and prayed that it wouldn't take it all. Thankfully, God answered and it cost $58. I gave the $2 to G for her report card to which she replied, "Grammie gave me $5." Did I mention it is cold? We slept with the space heaters on last night. I am hoping for a mild winter so I won't have to turn on the main house heater. G is running around in short sleeve shirt and flip flops. She put shorts on at first even though when she asked what she should change into I said jeans. My main question at this age is why ask me if you are going to argue with my answer? We had tears last night for what seemed like no reason. I mentioned it to the soccer coach because I thought last night it was due to illness but the soccer coach said it could be hormones. Oh please no! Not yet, we are just 8. Anyway, beyond laundry and gearing up for Halloween nothing much is going on. I am still managing to offend 2 co-workers just by breathing. One of the three was let go but 2 trouble makers are still there. The manager is learning to be a manager but not doing so well at it yet. She is trying and I do respect her. I just wish she would take the bull by the horns so to speak. Can't wait until November 7 when the announcement will be made that Romney won. I am praying it will be so. After this Benghazi fiasco if Obama wins another term there will be no hope left for America as the constitution defines it.

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Vivian M said...

That was one long run on paragraph, lol! I hope it warms up a bit before winter. And we have the mood swings here too. Hang in there at work, it sounds like it is slowly getting better. Sending you all love and hugs across the miles!