Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Updated Adventures of Elf on the Shelf

So Candycane returned Thanksgiving night.  G has been beside herself with glee.  Saturday morning he was doing push ups on the radio, Sunday morning he was hanging out on the back of the computer, Monday he decided to take a bath with germ-x and during the day he typed out a letter to G. 

We came home from karate and G was getting ready to play on the computer when she (finally) noticed a letter on our printer.  We had been home almost 15 mins. 

Sometimes I think I am just too clever, heh.  She snatched it and said, "Hey, what is this?  Wonder if it is from Candycane." 

I said, "Can't be." 

She she squealed, "MAMA, IT IS! SEE IT IS FROM CANDYCANE." 

I typed the letter in almost cursive script so she had me read it to her.  Then when she woke the computer up not only was the letter still up on the screen the wi-fi log in box was too, hmmm, sneaky elf.  I wish I had a camera set up but I couldn't give it away that I am the elf.  I even act like I can't stand the annoying thing so she doesn't catch on.  Last night she begged me not to find him first.

This morning she found him playing with her legos in the front room, a room I do not enter until we walk out the door.  Again, just very excited about what that elf is doing.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Slow End to a Slow Weekend

,Actually I worked Friday and Saturday entering data for the survey company I had temp'ed for over the summer.  It covered (plus a little more) the two days I won't get paid for the Thanksgiving holiday.  By the way, still being PRN chaps my hide really badly, particularly because a co-worker was responsible for putting the idea in the administrator's head.  That co-worker is still there and still as ridiculous as ever. 

But today I took my back to normal Sunday afternoon nap which felt so very good.  G played games and watched TV.  And I must brag on G because Friday while I worked she entertained herself with movies and games and computer while I worked.  Yes, she was curious about what I was doing and would come and peer over my shoulder so to speak but she was so very good.  Friday it was just the two of us at my parents house so she could have access to a computer and games while I worked. They came home Friday evening and were there on Saturday.  She was a little less patient but still very good about entertaining herself for such a long period of time.

I haven't taken any new pictures in months.  I suppose as she gets older I just get lazy or maybe want to protect her more.  Christmas will be interesting and the festivities have partially started with the return of Candycane our Elf on a Shelf (spy).  G was beside herself with joy at his return.  She has talked to him and asked him questions and just annoyed the little booger to death.  I wouldn't be surprised if he took a week vacay from the very talkative Ms. G. 

School will be back in swing for the next four weeks then there is a two and half week holiday break.  I get only Christmas day off.  I suppose G will have to stay with my parents.  Maybe I can find someone willing to keep her over the holiday to give my parents a break.  They say they don't mind but I hear different gripes from my siblings about G having to stay with my parents (my parents don't gripe). 

Anyway, not looking forward to going to work because I have truly enjoyed the slow weekend.  If I could find full time data entry work and do it from home I would so be about that and leave the 40 minute one way drive.  I am not good at marketing though so I can't market myself well.  The survey company is very pleased with my work but a full time job doesn't really allow for 15 extra hours a week. Now if they leave me PRN for 3 days and I can find the data entry for two days that would work just fine.  I just don't think the survey work will be a guaranteed 15 hours per week consistently.  I am not beyond taking two days off though as a PRN employee and doing work from home periodically.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Handel's Messiah (new generation)

is playing on the DVD/TV combo, G is playing with her legos, and I am blogging on this fine Thanksgiving morning.  (it is still technically morning since I started this at 11:42am.  We semi watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS which apparently doesn't have the rights to show the actual performances of the parade which is totally not fair since NBC doesn't come through our digital antenna tv.  And speaking of antenna, didn't we do away with those with the digital age?  Everything is circular I suppose, it all comes back 'round eventually, at least the good functional ideas.

So G is a textural vegetarian and I am a practical one since she hates the texture of meat and I haven't the foggiest how to cook it for one person, our Thanksgiving meal will consist of homemade pepperoni pizza and chocolate cake with powdered sugar for icing and that is how we like it.  G let me sleep until 8:53am before she woke me up to get her a kleenex and to ask when was I getting up.  I had planned to sleep until I couldn't anymore but since she woke me I now get to take an afternoon nap. 

Our Thanksgiving meal hasn't actually been decided as far as time goes.  I have some leftover lo mien noodles calling my name and I may eat those for lunch and hold the big meal for supper.  Planning is really what Thanksgiving meals are about, it is all in the planning and that is sometimes the most fun.

We are treating today like a Saturday for the most part to get laundry done and pickup/sweep up around the house.  Tomorrow I have set aside to go out to my parents and work on the surveys I picked up yesterday.  I told G the extra money can be for us to do something special. Let's hope I am right and we can do something special for just the two of us.  Not that most of our life isn't for just the two of us. 

Now we are playing Uno on the kindle fire.  Best purchase ever, I think it was free. 

G is such a goofy little kid.  I just love her and am so thankful to the Creator God for bringing us together. Remember on this Thanksgiving to Whom we owe our thanks.  It isn't enough to just be thankful but to be thankful to the One Who loves you the most.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Low Slow Saturday

G is at a birthday party where the birthday girl held a toy drive for a local ministry.  We took playdough.  Figured since it was a girl's bday party there would be a plethora of girl toys and not so much for the boys.  I was right so the playdough works for both and fit in my cash only budget.

After dropping G off I headed to the grocery store and found some frozen artichoke hearts (breaded) and they were so very yummy!  I was actually there to pick G up something of a personal nature and look into getting some ding dons of the hostess variety.  Shelves quite empty on that front.  I found the 100 calorie smallish cakes though, coffee cake and the yummy cinnamon buns so when these are gone no more Hostess.

I am no just $80 away from $.30 off on gas.  That will be accomplished next Saturday for sure.  Oh and I am not participating in black Friday.  Never will.  To me the savings are not worth the stress.  Let all the others go for that.  I think Amazon will be my bestie this year as far as gifts go.  G's main gift is already on the way, yippee!  One down, not much more to go hopefully.

Planning on taking a nap today after picking G up.  Christmas music is on and oh how I love Christmas music!!  Dad will be home tomorrow and mom is almost beside herself with relief.  My aunt handed me my mom's birthday money last night at karate for a pedi but she did it on the sly and said, "this is for a pedi."  It took me a wee bit off guard and I asked, "My feet look that bad?"  But then it registered that it is for my mom from her sisters.  Done today as well. 

Now off to get the girl.  We shall see how the rest of the day plays out.  Have a great weekend and go to your place of worship this weekend to sing praise to the One Who created you and loves you enough to make a way to Him!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Is Next Week

We still have so much to be thankful for in this country.  There are men and women willing to serve and protect our foundational principles even though their leaders don't seem to understand the idea of integrity.  Thank you, US Military.

I still have a job for now and a possible side thing.  Though the side thing hasn't yet come through.  And people do see my capabilities but are unsure of how to use me in the best way.

My mom has not been alone much this week.  We saw her Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, and Tues.  My sis came and stayed last night and my mom's sis is coming today through Sat.  Dad will be back Sunday so this week is almost over and things will go more normal for her.

G is doing well in school if I can only get her motivated to start and finish one chapter book at a time. Her eyes are much bigger than her actual capabilities and she tends to start books then it takes pulling teeth to get her to finish one. 

So I am so glad for two days off though I may not get paid but that also means I don't have to drive and spend the gas to go anywhere.  My shopping for Christmas will be on-line and not during all this black friday mess because that is way WAY TOO stressful for me.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday, the Aftermath

Verified that it was the head nurse over Friday's e-mail confrontation that did indeed cause my boss to get fired.  Then later I went and asked the consultant about the PRN status and he said, "Well, you can quit."  I said, "I was mostly concerned about being paid for Thanksgiving."  He said that he hasn't been able to get to it but would next week.  So in the 3 months that I have now been here I am unable to accrue PTO. And I am not sure I will be paid for the two days off at Thanksgiving.  So the lesson we have all learned is the requirement to grovel at the feet of this head nurse to keep a job that barely pays the bills anyway.  YAY! ME.

Sense of Foreboding and Gloom

The business manager who helped me get the current job was let go yesterday due to "lack of a sense of urgency."  Seems curious this happened after she confronted another manager for public humiliation of me over something that happened on Friday. 

Friday, I had made a call, several really, to a specific hospital for a specific date of death on a mutual patient.  The first hospital (in the series of hospitals in the same system) I called could tell me the patient died but said she couldn't find a date and told me to call a 2nd hospital in the system.  That person at the 2nd place fussed at me for calling because I shouldn't have been sent there as they had no records.  Then after going on and on, seriously, she said here is a number to patient records and I will transfer you.  But she hung up on me after giving me the number.  She may have tried to transfer but it hung up. 

So I call the 3rd place and the person kept putting me on hold.  I thought she would come back with the date eventually but apparently she was asking if she could give me the number.  Finally she said I would have to fax a request on letterhead.  I couldn't really believe it actually.  They had already told me he died and it wasn't recent. Then she put a manager on the phone.

Of course I was frustrated by this point and explained what I needed and she said the same.  At this point I had had it and said, "No I won't, I will make up a date.  Thank you."  and hung up.  Okay so I shouldn't have said the part about making the date up, but I had figured out the person died the day after the last time our docs saw the patient which is actually the pattern of the office docs.  I wanted them to verify that.  They wouldn't even do that. I wasn't rude but very frustrated.  So this is Obamacare and regulations for you, doctor's offices and hospital business offices have a love/hate relationship about sharing information and so they make it all difficult under the guise of HIPAA.

Now mind, my manager was sitting right next to me listening to the entire series of conversations.  But a couple of hours later literally, the hospital called the head nurse to complain.  I understand.  So the head nurse came and instead of speaking with my manager and myself privately she berated me infront of the business office.  Funny that, when it was only the last week this same head nurse in the hall of the office made a patient cry over a comment about someone not having ba"lls to confront her about a bill. 

Anyway, my manager did not stand up for me in public which I silently questioned but said nothing.  Apparently however she e-mailed this head nurse and asked her not to ever do that again and told her that I had not been rude as she had been sitting next to me through the entire series of calls.  The nurse got mad about the e-mail and called the doctor.  Then yesterday when the consultant came back he let my manager go with the lacks a sense of urgency reason.

I don't expect to have a job by the end of this week and it could happen as early as today.  I was quite devastated for my manager.  She did the right thing and she believes her being let go is 100% about this head nurse.  If that really is the deal and this nurse has that kind of power then we are all in trouble.  She is mostly a bully even with her own staff. 

Sometimes I detest working with a bunch of women.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mom Update

Just to let those interested know, my mom has been told by a doctor after some type of tests that it is not Alzheimer's.  She does have a doc appt with a neurologist in Dec.  I have asked her to mention (and will mention to my dad) blocked arteries as well. 

I think one of the things that make her minor forgetful incidents so bad is they are compounded  by the rememberance of my grandmother and when you take all the small things together, it seems like so much worse. 
Mom also gets obsessive when she knows she either can't find something she is looking for or if she realizes she is forgetting something or if she is very tired.  That is a really weird part of whatever is happening.

Thanks for the concern and if there is any other info to share please do so because at this point we want to know all possibilities.  Can't hurt to investigate further.

G Conversations

This weekend while G, my mom and I were running errands, I was handing something to G while strapping her in the car seat.  I was telling her to take something but she just stared at me.  Finally, I just reached over and put whatever it was down for her.  Then as I was getting in I heard her say something and mom busted out laughing. 

G said, "Mama, my brain and your voice were not communicating."

The Weekend

My dad is in Long Island with the disaster relief team.  So my mom is by herself.  Friday night G and I had karate and mom went to a volunteer thank you dinner for the HH.  G and I showed up at the dinner (not for food but to see mom) after karate and as I walked in the director of HH told the story  going to MS to evaluate a food giveaway program. 

While we were in MS that day I saw the computer program they used and I set one up for this director.  I have not been able to maintain the program but I gave it the first set up.  I had expected someone (who was working at HH) to maintain it but that didn't happen. 

The director praised my ability to set this program up for her and praise always makes me uncomfortable.  I told her if I had known she was going to say all those nice things I wouldn't have shown up at all.  I miss her but since I am working I can't help like I used to.  Even after hours because the hours of HH are during the hours I work.

We saw mom and visited with some people I knew.  Mom asked G and me if we were going to spend the night with her that night but sadly Saturday morning we had rank test at 8am.  Mom lives 15 mins north of me and everything else.  It just wouldn't have been feasible.  And Saturday the plan was to go to the grocery store and do laundry not go to mom's, but while we were getting gas Mom called.  I could tell she was upset.

She asked if we were going to come out to see her and I said that I had lots of laundry to do but asked her if she wanted us to and she said yes.  Then I asked her what was wrong and she said "nothing I will tell you when I get out there."  She even told me to bring my laundry and she would help me do it. 

I told G our plans changed because grammie was upset and crying.  G's response was, "Is grandaddy dead?"  Now you just have to understand that is just our family.  We most always head to the very worst case scenario so I just laughed and said, "No grandad isn't dead, we would have already known that." 

I did call one of  my aunts and am so glad I did because she told me she was coming on Thursday to stay with mom for a couple of days.  That bit of info was important because my mom couldn't remember when she was coming or when she was leaving.  My sister is coming Wed and G and I spent Saturday and Sunday (days) with her.

What had upset her was doing what everybody does at least once maybe more often and that is accidentally setting the car alarm off.  Then Sunday she lost the alarm fob and after searching high and low we found it in the car.  I attached it to her bed headboard and told her to leave it there. 

My mom is getting a bit forgetful like my grandmother did at the start of her Alzheimer's.  That is very scary and disheartening to me.  Anyway, dad will be back on Sunday.  He has sent some photos via phone text about where they are staying.  She missed his call yesterday because she left her phone home and we went to lunch after church.  I hope he called later last night. 

While at mom's we watched Duck Dynasty.  Funniest show on earth.  Loved it much and yes this is the first time I ever saw it though this Halloween I heard about it.  Makes me wish we had satellite or cable.  Off to another week...

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Obviously, I Am Not Happy About the Election

But I am also not surprised.  I see this now as the Jewish nation of old when God told the prophet he was raising the Chaldeans to come punish Israel for their sin.  This is exactly how I see this.  The Christians are at fault for allowing the culture to sway secular and for allowing the removal of God from the public square. 

As much as I wanted real change, we didn't get it.  We got the same which will cause national deterioration through out the world.  Sensible people voted for O again out of race identification.  I know this for some are against what he stands for.  Why would you vote for someone who holds completely opposite views than you with regard to abortion, gay "rights" and higher taxes?  The only reason would be because of race. 

I saw O campaign very well to his base and those entitlement food stamp recipients.  The very ill informed of the nation.  Those who couldn't pick Benghazi out on a map don't really care if O went to bed at 3am instead of getting updates on the situation.  But they do care to see him acting like he cared about what was happening with Sandy, even if the reality is he was too busy campaigning to care about anything.

Chris Christie still in complete shock over the situation became all doe eyed with the O visit which probably swayed a few independents.  I think when Gov. Christie wakes out of his own shock he may be a little embarrassed over the photos.

The media dictated what the Republican platform is with its push on birth control.  Rumors started that Romney would out law tam*pons and the weave (no kidding) people believed it and spread it.  As it has been said (by someone I should remember) "A lie can go around the world before the truth has a chance to get its boots on."  That was very well seen in this election, few liberals will acknowledge it.

The MSM continued the lie that the economy was all Bush's fault even though O gave $500 billion dollars of tax payers money to failed Solyandra and others like it. The government cannot create commerce.  All the government can do but shouldn't is regulate it.  Bush's unemployment over 8 years was never as high as O's in 4.  Government can't create jobs.  All government can do is take money from those who can make it and give it away.

For some reason the MSM has decided it wants to fundamentally change America as well no matter what the constitution says.  The bias is evident and can be seen by the numbers of positive O articles verses Romney articles.  Even in the way photos were take of Romney v. O. 

Religious bigotry showed its head as well with the left.  Romney would have been a friend to Israel.  I am very afraid for the Middle East right now.  They already know where Obama's concerns are and that he is no leader.  Don't think they won't use that to their advantage, the taliban and Muslim extremists I mean.  You know the ones who killed our Ambassador and the Navy Seals trying to defend him?  And you also know that O told the defenders in the area to stand down all the while the embassy personnel were BEGGING for help. 

And then we all need to be very afraid of Valerie Jarrett.  She has some evil intent on those of us who don't like the way America is going.  She is going to live out her revenge through her sway on O.  We are all in for a world of hurt. 

Several people admitted on twitter that they had voted multiple times.  The sad fact is the fraud that was committed was real and mostly coming from the left.  When people complained they were ignored.  Several people showed up and was told they had already voted.  No incident will be investigated because O won.  Had Romney won all fraud on both right and left would have been investigated.  O cares not one wit about the Constitution or law or anything about saving this country.

The rich will hoard the next four years.  The unemployment numbers will balloon.  Just watch out, the next four years will tank the economy.  Conservatives need to change the national dialogue and put an end to the MSM bias that is way too obvious.  We have 4 years to do it.  My prayer is we can.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

National Adoption Month

We spent this weekend celebrating culture at India Fest 2012.  What?  You thought I meant Chinese culture?  Nah not this weekend.  A friend had some tickets to share so we went.  We visited the Mehndi booth for the henna tattoo, I think it is henna or something similar and it is a long lasting tattoo.  They had so much food. 

G shook the hand of a rajah (not really sure what he was and I failed to get a pic but he was fully dressed from head to toe).  We saw two dance groups.  G had her name written in Hindi.  I hope that is what they said they wrote but since I really can't decipher Hindi I am just going to trust that they wrote "G...". 

G jumped on the bungee thing.  She said it felt weird coming down so she didn't jump up too high, heh.  The day outside in the sun was very hot. In the shade it was comfortable.  So much for fall.  Seems we have bounced back into summer.

There were so many beautiful saris and tunics.  We didn't stay long, but we were in a sea of people long enough.  I had a headache from the day before that I just couldn't get rid of.  I finally had to take a nap, that surprisingly didn't diminish the headache.  We changed the clocks back at 5pm so we used our extra hour while awake. 

Today was All Saint's Sunday at church and no mention of Adoption month.  Makes me sad. I really need to be much more active this next year to bring attention to National Adoption Month in our church.

As today was Sunday I took my normal Sunday afternoon nap.  G played legos and not sure what else.  G made a horse out of legos and created an armour looking thing around it with guns and everything.  Sort of almost looked like a bulldozer without wheels.  Such talent in such a small person!

Off to Bible study tonight and then the week starts all over again.  Oh and G was in our local paper on Thursday evening for using a new I-pod to take the AR quiz.  Not only did they put a big picture of her but they listed her name and her score on the test: 100%.  She said, "I am I made a 100 because if I made an 80 or something like that I would be embarrassed."