Thursday, November 22, 2012

Handel's Messiah (new generation)

is playing on the DVD/TV combo, G is playing with her legos, and I am blogging on this fine Thanksgiving morning.  (it is still technically morning since I started this at 11:42am.  We semi watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS which apparently doesn't have the rights to show the actual performances of the parade which is totally not fair since NBC doesn't come through our digital antenna tv.  And speaking of antenna, didn't we do away with those with the digital age?  Everything is circular I suppose, it all comes back 'round eventually, at least the good functional ideas.

So G is a textural vegetarian and I am a practical one since she hates the texture of meat and I haven't the foggiest how to cook it for one person, our Thanksgiving meal will consist of homemade pepperoni pizza and chocolate cake with powdered sugar for icing and that is how we like it.  G let me sleep until 8:53am before she woke me up to get her a kleenex and to ask when was I getting up.  I had planned to sleep until I couldn't anymore but since she woke me I now get to take an afternoon nap. 

Our Thanksgiving meal hasn't actually been decided as far as time goes.  I have some leftover lo mien noodles calling my name and I may eat those for lunch and hold the big meal for supper.  Planning is really what Thanksgiving meals are about, it is all in the planning and that is sometimes the most fun.

We are treating today like a Saturday for the most part to get laundry done and pickup/sweep up around the house.  Tomorrow I have set aside to go out to my parents and work on the surveys I picked up yesterday.  I told G the extra money can be for us to do something special. Let's hope I am right and we can do something special for just the two of us.  Not that most of our life isn't for just the two of us. 

Now we are playing Uno on the kindle fire.  Best purchase ever, I think it was free. 

G is such a goofy little kid.  I just love her and am so thankful to the Creator God for bringing us together. Remember on this Thanksgiving to Whom we owe our thanks.  It isn't enough to just be thankful but to be thankful to the One Who loves you the most.

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Vivian M said...

I am grateful to call you friend! Happy Thanksgiving!