Saturday, November 17, 2012

Low Slow Saturday

G is at a birthday party where the birthday girl held a toy drive for a local ministry.  We took playdough.  Figured since it was a girl's bday party there would be a plethora of girl toys and not so much for the boys.  I was right so the playdough works for both and fit in my cash only budget.

After dropping G off I headed to the grocery store and found some frozen artichoke hearts (breaded) and they were so very yummy!  I was actually there to pick G up something of a personal nature and look into getting some ding dons of the hostess variety.  Shelves quite empty on that front.  I found the 100 calorie smallish cakes though, coffee cake and the yummy cinnamon buns so when these are gone no more Hostess.

I am no just $80 away from $.30 off on gas.  That will be accomplished next Saturday for sure.  Oh and I am not participating in black Friday.  Never will.  To me the savings are not worth the stress.  Let all the others go for that.  I think Amazon will be my bestie this year as far as gifts go.  G's main gift is already on the way, yippee!  One down, not much more to go hopefully.

Planning on taking a nap today after picking G up.  Christmas music is on and oh how I love Christmas music!!  Dad will be home tomorrow and mom is almost beside herself with relief.  My aunt handed me my mom's birthday money last night at karate for a pedi but she did it on the sly and said, "this is for a pedi."  It took me a wee bit off guard and I asked, "My feet look that bad?"  But then it registered that it is for my mom from her sisters.  Done today as well. 

Now off to get the girl.  We shall see how the rest of the day plays out.  Have a great weekend and go to your place of worship this weekend to sing praise to the One Who created you and loves you enough to make a way to Him!


Vivian M said...

Hope Miss G had a wonderful time at the birthday party!

B.A. said...

amazon is my bestie this year too. I've been ordering through boxcarkids blog amazon link because she gets a small kickback whenever you use it. If you don't know the boxcarkids blog, she's a single adoptive mom of 4 who has been unemployed for several years now due to crappy economy.