Sunday, November 04, 2012

National Adoption Month

We spent this weekend celebrating culture at India Fest 2012.  What?  You thought I meant Chinese culture?  Nah not this weekend.  A friend had some tickets to share so we went.  We visited the Mehndi booth for the henna tattoo, I think it is henna or something similar and it is a long lasting tattoo.  They had so much food. 

G shook the hand of a rajah (not really sure what he was and I failed to get a pic but he was fully dressed from head to toe).  We saw two dance groups.  G had her name written in Hindi.  I hope that is what they said they wrote but since I really can't decipher Hindi I am just going to trust that they wrote "G...". 

G jumped on the bungee thing.  She said it felt weird coming down so she didn't jump up too high, heh.  The day outside in the sun was very hot. In the shade it was comfortable.  So much for fall.  Seems we have bounced back into summer.

There were so many beautiful saris and tunics.  We didn't stay long, but we were in a sea of people long enough.  I had a headache from the day before that I just couldn't get rid of.  I finally had to take a nap, that surprisingly didn't diminish the headache.  We changed the clocks back at 5pm so we used our extra hour while awake. 

Today was All Saint's Sunday at church and no mention of Adoption month.  Makes me sad. I really need to be much more active this next year to bring attention to National Adoption Month in our church.

As today was Sunday I took my normal Sunday afternoon nap.  G played legos and not sure what else.  G made a horse out of legos and created an armour looking thing around it with guns and everything.  Sort of almost looked like a bulldozer without wheels.  Such talent in such a small person!

Off to Bible study tonight and then the week starts all over again.  Oh and G was in our local paper on Thursday evening for using a new I-pod to take the AR quiz.  Not only did they put a big picture of her but they listed her name and her score on the test: 100%.  She said, "I am I made a 100 because if I made an 80 or something like that I would be embarrassed." 

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Vivian M said...

Congratulations to Miss G on her 100%!!

The festival sounds interesting. Love the tattoo!