Thursday, November 08, 2012

Obviously, I Am Not Happy About the Election

But I am also not surprised.  I see this now as the Jewish nation of old when God told the prophet he was raising the Chaldeans to come punish Israel for their sin.  This is exactly how I see this.  The Christians are at fault for allowing the culture to sway secular and for allowing the removal of God from the public square. 

As much as I wanted real change, we didn't get it.  We got the same which will cause national deterioration through out the world.  Sensible people voted for O again out of race identification.  I know this for some are against what he stands for.  Why would you vote for someone who holds completely opposite views than you with regard to abortion, gay "rights" and higher taxes?  The only reason would be because of race. 

I saw O campaign very well to his base and those entitlement food stamp recipients.  The very ill informed of the nation.  Those who couldn't pick Benghazi out on a map don't really care if O went to bed at 3am instead of getting updates on the situation.  But they do care to see him acting like he cared about what was happening with Sandy, even if the reality is he was too busy campaigning to care about anything.

Chris Christie still in complete shock over the situation became all doe eyed with the O visit which probably swayed a few independents.  I think when Gov. Christie wakes out of his own shock he may be a little embarrassed over the photos.

The media dictated what the Republican platform is with its push on birth control.  Rumors started that Romney would out law tam*pons and the weave (no kidding) people believed it and spread it.  As it has been said (by someone I should remember) "A lie can go around the world before the truth has a chance to get its boots on."  That was very well seen in this election, few liberals will acknowledge it.

The MSM continued the lie that the economy was all Bush's fault even though O gave $500 billion dollars of tax payers money to failed Solyandra and others like it. The government cannot create commerce.  All the government can do but shouldn't is regulate it.  Bush's unemployment over 8 years was never as high as O's in 4.  Government can't create jobs.  All government can do is take money from those who can make it and give it away.

For some reason the MSM has decided it wants to fundamentally change America as well no matter what the constitution says.  The bias is evident and can be seen by the numbers of positive O articles verses Romney articles.  Even in the way photos were take of Romney v. O. 

Religious bigotry showed its head as well with the left.  Romney would have been a friend to Israel.  I am very afraid for the Middle East right now.  They already know where Obama's concerns are and that he is no leader.  Don't think they won't use that to their advantage, the taliban and Muslim extremists I mean.  You know the ones who killed our Ambassador and the Navy Seals trying to defend him?  And you also know that O told the defenders in the area to stand down all the while the embassy personnel were BEGGING for help. 

And then we all need to be very afraid of Valerie Jarrett.  She has some evil intent on those of us who don't like the way America is going.  She is going to live out her revenge through her sway on O.  We are all in for a world of hurt. 

Several people admitted on twitter that they had voted multiple times.  The sad fact is the fraud that was committed was real and mostly coming from the left.  When people complained they were ignored.  Several people showed up and was told they had already voted.  No incident will be investigated because O won.  Had Romney won all fraud on both right and left would have been investigated.  O cares not one wit about the Constitution or law or anything about saving this country.

The rich will hoard the next four years.  The unemployment numbers will balloon.  Just watch out, the next four years will tank the economy.  Conservatives need to change the national dialogue and put an end to the MSM bias that is way too obvious.  We have 4 years to do it.  My prayer is we can.


John said...

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Catching Butterflies 3 said...

I am pretty sure we are in for 4 very bad years. maybe people will realize they were not so very smart!

LD said...

Everything you said was spot on. So sad.