Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sense of Foreboding and Gloom

The business manager who helped me get the current job was let go yesterday due to "lack of a sense of urgency."  Seems curious this happened after she confronted another manager for public humiliation of me over something that happened on Friday. 

Friday, I had made a call, several really, to a specific hospital for a specific date of death on a mutual patient.  The first hospital (in the series of hospitals in the same system) I called could tell me the patient died but said she couldn't find a date and told me to call a 2nd hospital in the system.  That person at the 2nd place fussed at me for calling because I shouldn't have been sent there as they had no records.  Then after going on and on, seriously, she said here is a number to patient records and I will transfer you.  But she hung up on me after giving me the number.  She may have tried to transfer but it hung up. 

So I call the 3rd place and the person kept putting me on hold.  I thought she would come back with the date eventually but apparently she was asking if she could give me the number.  Finally she said I would have to fax a request on letterhead.  I couldn't really believe it actually.  They had already told me he died and it wasn't recent. Then she put a manager on the phone.

Of course I was frustrated by this point and explained what I needed and she said the same.  At this point I had had it and said, "No I won't, I will make up a date.  Thank you."  and hung up.  Okay so I shouldn't have said the part about making the date up, but I had figured out the person died the day after the last time our docs saw the patient which is actually the pattern of the office docs.  I wanted them to verify that.  They wouldn't even do that. I wasn't rude but very frustrated.  So this is Obamacare and regulations for you, doctor's offices and hospital business offices have a love/hate relationship about sharing information and so they make it all difficult under the guise of HIPAA.

Now mind, my manager was sitting right next to me listening to the entire series of conversations.  But a couple of hours later literally, the hospital called the head nurse to complain.  I understand.  So the head nurse came and instead of speaking with my manager and myself privately she berated me infront of the business office.  Funny that, when it was only the last week this same head nurse in the hall of the office made a patient cry over a comment about someone not having ba"lls to confront her about a bill. 

Anyway, my manager did not stand up for me in public which I silently questioned but said nothing.  Apparently however she e-mailed this head nurse and asked her not to ever do that again and told her that I had not been rude as she had been sitting next to me through the entire series of calls.  The nurse got mad about the e-mail and called the doctor.  Then yesterday when the consultant came back he let my manager go with the lacks a sense of urgency reason.

I don't expect to have a job by the end of this week and it could happen as early as today.  I was quite devastated for my manager.  She did the right thing and she believes her being let go is 100% about this head nurse.  If that really is the deal and this nurse has that kind of power then we are all in trouble.  She is mostly a bully even with her own staff. 

Sometimes I detest working with a bunch of women.

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The Byrd's Nest said...

Honestly...women are the worst! So sorry my friend...and so sorry she ended up losing her job. Praying for you:)5