Sunday, November 25, 2012

Slow End to a Slow Weekend

,Actually I worked Friday and Saturday entering data for the survey company I had temp'ed for over the summer.  It covered (plus a little more) the two days I won't get paid for the Thanksgiving holiday.  By the way, still being PRN chaps my hide really badly, particularly because a co-worker was responsible for putting the idea in the administrator's head.  That co-worker is still there and still as ridiculous as ever. 

But today I took my back to normal Sunday afternoon nap which felt so very good.  G played games and watched TV.  And I must brag on G because Friday while I worked she entertained herself with movies and games and computer while I worked.  Yes, she was curious about what I was doing and would come and peer over my shoulder so to speak but she was so very good.  Friday it was just the two of us at my parents house so she could have access to a computer and games while I worked. They came home Friday evening and were there on Saturday.  She was a little less patient but still very good about entertaining herself for such a long period of time.

I haven't taken any new pictures in months.  I suppose as she gets older I just get lazy or maybe want to protect her more.  Christmas will be interesting and the festivities have partially started with the return of Candycane our Elf on a Shelf (spy).  G was beside herself with joy at his return.  She has talked to him and asked him questions and just annoyed the little booger to death.  I wouldn't be surprised if he took a week vacay from the very talkative Ms. G. 

School will be back in swing for the next four weeks then there is a two and half week holiday break.  I get only Christmas day off.  I suppose G will have to stay with my parents.  Maybe I can find someone willing to keep her over the holiday to give my parents a break.  They say they don't mind but I hear different gripes from my siblings about G having to stay with my parents (my parents don't gripe). 

Anyway, not looking forward to going to work because I have truly enjoyed the slow weekend.  If I could find full time data entry work and do it from home I would so be about that and leave the 40 minute one way drive.  I am not good at marketing though so I can't market myself well.  The survey company is very pleased with my work but a full time job doesn't really allow for 15 extra hours a week. Now if they leave me PRN for 3 days and I can find the data entry for two days that would work just fine.  I just don't think the survey work will be a guaranteed 15 hours per week consistently.  I am not beyond taking two days off though as a PRN employee and doing work from home periodically.


Vivian M said...

If we were closer we would love to have her come over! I am sure Kerri and Miss G would find lots of things to keep themselves entertained. :o)
Good luck on the survey work, hope you get more of it!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I wish we lived closer too....we would have so much fun with Miss G :)

Praying for your work!!