Monday, November 12, 2012

The Weekend

My dad is in Long Island with the disaster relief team.  So my mom is by herself.  Friday night G and I had karate and mom went to a volunteer thank you dinner for the HH.  G and I showed up at the dinner (not for food but to see mom) after karate and as I walked in the director of HH told the story  going to MS to evaluate a food giveaway program. 

While we were in MS that day I saw the computer program they used and I set one up for this director.  I have not been able to maintain the program but I gave it the first set up.  I had expected someone (who was working at HH) to maintain it but that didn't happen. 

The director praised my ability to set this program up for her and praise always makes me uncomfortable.  I told her if I had known she was going to say all those nice things I wouldn't have shown up at all.  I miss her but since I am working I can't help like I used to.  Even after hours because the hours of HH are during the hours I work.

We saw mom and visited with some people I knew.  Mom asked G and me if we were going to spend the night with her that night but sadly Saturday morning we had rank test at 8am.  Mom lives 15 mins north of me and everything else.  It just wouldn't have been feasible.  And Saturday the plan was to go to the grocery store and do laundry not go to mom's, but while we were getting gas Mom called.  I could tell she was upset.

She asked if we were going to come out to see her and I said that I had lots of laundry to do but asked her if she wanted us to and she said yes.  Then I asked her what was wrong and she said "nothing I will tell you when I get out there."  She even told me to bring my laundry and she would help me do it. 

I told G our plans changed because grammie was upset and crying.  G's response was, "Is grandaddy dead?"  Now you just have to understand that is just our family.  We most always head to the very worst case scenario so I just laughed and said, "No grandad isn't dead, we would have already known that." 

I did call one of  my aunts and am so glad I did because she told me she was coming on Thursday to stay with mom for a couple of days.  That bit of info was important because my mom couldn't remember when she was coming or when she was leaving.  My sister is coming Wed and G and I spent Saturday and Sunday (days) with her.

What had upset her was doing what everybody does at least once maybe more often and that is accidentally setting the car alarm off.  Then Sunday she lost the alarm fob and after searching high and low we found it in the car.  I attached it to her bed headboard and told her to leave it there. 

My mom is getting a bit forgetful like my grandmother did at the start of her Alzheimer's.  That is very scary and disheartening to me.  Anyway, dad will be back on Sunday.  He has sent some photos via phone text about where they are staying.  She missed his call yesterday because she left her phone home and we went to lunch after church.  I hope he called later last night. 

While at mom's we watched Duck Dynasty.  Funniest show on earth.  Loved it much and yes this is the first time I ever saw it though this Halloween I heard about it.  Makes me wish we had satellite or cable.  Off to another week...


Steph B said...

Has your mom been tested for Alzheimer's? I'm sure you already know there are medications that can delay the progression of the disease. My mom has Alzheimer's, and for a number of reasons didn't get tested as soon as I could have liked, and even though she's on meds now, we lost some years where maybe the meds could have helped a lot more.

Vivian M said...

How very scary for your Mom to be alone, I can only imagine how difficult this is for you as well (like you need anything else to worry about!). Sending hugs and hope everything turns out OK.