Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Updated Adventures of Elf on the Shelf

So Candycane returned Thanksgiving night.  G has been beside herself with glee.  Saturday morning he was doing push ups on the radio, Sunday morning he was hanging out on the back of the computer, Monday he decided to take a bath with germ-x and during the day he typed out a letter to G. 

We came home from karate and G was getting ready to play on the computer when she (finally) noticed a letter on our printer.  We had been home almost 15 mins. 

Sometimes I think I am just too clever, heh.  She snatched it and said, "Hey, what is this?  Wonder if it is from Candycane." 

I said, "Can't be." 

She she squealed, "MAMA, IT IS! SEE IT IS FROM CANDYCANE." 

I typed the letter in almost cursive script so she had me read it to her.  Then when she woke the computer up not only was the letter still up on the screen the wi-fi log in box was too, hmmm, sneaky elf.  I wish I had a camera set up but I couldn't give it away that I am the elf.  I even act like I can't stand the annoying thing so she doesn't catch on.  Last night she begged me not to find him first.

This morning she found him playing with her legos in the front room, a room I do not enter until we walk out the door.  Again, just very excited about what that elf is doing.

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Vivian M said...

Aw I love it! That is one sneaky elf. :o)

Any clues as to what Miss G is asking Santa for?