Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas, the Aftermath

Actually I haven't many pictures. G stayed up until Santa was headed to Orlando and it was by threat that she finally drifted off to sleep. Then she woke about 8am and didn't want to go see the Chrismas gifts until after breakfast. Can you believe that? I wanted to go and I knew what they were but she wanted to savor the moment which we did. Santa brought the winter house shoes I needed. I had told G that I was going to stop believing if I didn't get house shoes so she said, "Do you still believe, Mama?" I told her I still believed and that was good. She loved everything but only got to play with one thing because after the gifts were opened we packed her up and headed to my cousins for the day then took G and my cousins two girls to my aunt's for the night. They did beautifully out there. Tonight the three girls are back at my cousins to see her two nieces and G is also spending another night with them. The blizzard that was predicted came through in a flurry. Pretty much a big let down around here. That didn't stop the worst drivers in America from getting on the highway and acting a fool. The roads were not bad driving home at all but a little slick this morning. The original plan was to have G back home tonight and at my parents tomorrow but best laid plans of mice and men and cousins who try to run everybody elses business! So G is hanging out with 5 of her second cousins and loving it. I worked today and will tomorrow. No more time off until New Year's Day! I was going to post a picture but honestly my computer is so wonky and slow I just don't have the patience for it so I am heading to bed.

Monday, December 24, 2012


To hear the deep steady breathing of a sleeping child before working the Christmas magic which will be revealed in the morning. G has asked me how will she know what to do when she has children and I explained that the mother secrets are passed down from mother to mother and that I would be there to explain it all. The part I obviously missed was about sleep at bed time. I will catch up later. For now, Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

G and Her Painting

G wrote all of the stuff about her painting I posted in the previous post to her Elf Candycane in an e-mail. He hasn't responded back to her yet.  Actually, since I have the internet access and computer with me ole Candycane can't reply.  I guess that will be a tomorrow magic trick some how.

Oh and the weather is absolutely crazy windy and cold.  Maybe winter is really coming to the south, heh.

From G's Own Words

"When I was at art today, Ms. F (my art teacher) asked me if I can draw on a canvass and she asked me if I could draw the picture she put up. It was a dog and a cat and the dog was chasing the cat. And she just drew for me the border and the cat's head and I had to do the rest of the body and the face details and the stripes on the cat. And Ms. F just drew the head of the dog. I got to paint it and missed all my class time and I just had to do one piece of work and a big test. And I had recess and lunch. And she said come back at 12:45 and I was twenty minutes late. And I said to her, "I just got out of recess." My mama said it is a great honor to be asked because she only buys 10 canvasses a year and I painted the last one.
"And I had to get a q-tip to draw dots for stars. And I learned how to clean a brush better. At first when I was there I stayed for 1 hour and 30 mins. And I have already signed my name and I just started Wednesday. And now probably Thursday this week, I will have to present a project in front of my class."
G was asked to paint one of only 10 canvasses for the school.  A very big honor by the way.  She did so and was SO VERY EXCITED about it and talked and talked about it to my parents and me.  As soon as the weather and my computer cooperates I will post a photo of the painting.  It really is very good.  She did it in a day and missed most of her class time. 
She has to give her presentation on the inventor today since she painted all day yesterday.  Only 7 kids brought their projects back on time. The other children missed recess for not doing it.  The 7 that brought it back have very involved parents and without the teacher reminding everyday can get it done.  I pointed out how important it is for G to understand that the teacher isn't going to remind students about assignments regularly but that they are to learn to take responsibility for the assignments handed out.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It Has Been Really Crazy Busy

Doing nothing at all really.  I just mailed my Christmas cards last night and only to people I received cards from.  20 free cards don't go far and I have a Sunday School class that gets precedence over everyone else.  I love my Sunday School members and hope they are all there on Sunday because Christmas snuck up and I didn't bring them last Sunday.  I know I am a loser!

Anyway, Sunday I was check mated by God Himself.  Yes I know He is a Master and I should listen.  He warned me.  See G is beginning to have strain and stress and it is showing in defiance and melt downs (2 so far for the week in a row).  So Sunday she was in a mood and so was I.  I told her to get out of my bathroom and she refused to do so.  I left her there, turned off the light in the bathroom and bedroom and then brought the door fast behind me.  I can't say it slammed because it didn't.  My finger was in it.  I ignored the nudge of God which if heeded would prevent these melt downs.  I am not sure why I am so thick headed but I am and I apparently need the physical pain to get His drift. 
Dumb door cut my finger, it did and in a very tender place, right above the knuckle between a wart I have and the nail.  Still hurts. 

About the melt downs, G has a project due today.  She was given the instructions and research helps two weeks ago.  Her teacher had the flu all last week.  Monday, another mother is helping her daughter with a poster board (same research project) for her individual project.  I decided to look more closely at the home work folder that G tells me she never has anything in.  And then I read the instructions.  The research helps were to be taken and she was to write a 1 page paper or type a 1/2 page paper and put artifacts on a poster board or project board.  By the way this was discovered at 8:30 pm Monday night. 

No poster board most definitely no project board and G had NO clue how to put those thoughts together to write a paper.  Ginormous melt down and a frustrated mama listening to all the excuses of why she didn't do this and how she didn't have to blah, blah, try to remember she is only 8 years old blah, gah!

So I explained that her teacher expected her to do this without reminders, she had given her the deadline and she is expecting a finished project on Wed.  So I read over her info and basically dictated her paper.  She wrote what I said mostly.  She wrote very very neatly and then last night we printed pictures out for the artifacts.  She researched the inventor of LEGOs and wrote about LEGOs.  I suggested she write about some of the things she has built, you know like, houses, cafes, apartment buildings, machine guns; then I thought better of the last item in light of Friday so I nixed that one.  But she did put a picture of the pirate ships she and her grandad built to play war with on the top of the project board.  We snagged a few more pictures of what people have build with LEGOs for the other artifacts. 

Her poster board is not poster board size but I think it is very cute.  She is supposed to present it today.  I had better get an A on this, ::snort, giggle::, I mean G had better get an A on this.  My dad helped her do the research but he apparently didn't read the instructions either because there wasn't enough for a 1 page paper with what they got themselves. 

Anyway I am preparing for a melt down a night until school comes back in January and no, she has 3 more days of school before the break.  Yea, yea I know Christmas comes the same time every year but still it snuck up yet again!

Going to wake the girl so she can go find the elf!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

O Christmas Tree

G and I found a live Norfolk Pine at the grocery today that only sent our groc budget over by $6 so we got it.  Yes it is a small tree but we haven't had a Christmas tree decorated in the house in years due to the existence of animals and little room. 

But G cleaned off her train table and we made room. Then we put ornaments that had been given to us over the past few years or made by G which never made it back into the actual Christmas boxes and G also made some new ones like the angry bird ornament.  She drew out and colored several for the tree.  Then I wrapped a few gifts so now at least that area of the house is feeling a bit more like Christmas.  Now the goal is to keep the tree alive for a few years then plant that bad boy at our house or my parent's house. 

Of course one ornament had to get broken and that by me.  It was an ornament G made last year with her thumb prints on it.  Why was it made in glass?  Why not plastic?  Oh well.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


G has her first group project this year about inventors.  Her group picked the inventor of the Ferris wheel.  One of the girls told G to look up some information at home about it and highlight it.  G will let others run over her so I was a bit concerned that she was being asked to do the work so I asked her if the other kids had to read and highlight the information as well and she said,

"Oh no we all GET to look it up."

So I really hope this will always be her attitude towards homework and reports!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Candycane Updates

discovered a brilliant idea that could keep G happy with the elf's antics and that is that Elf learned how to e-mail from one of my e-mail accounts to the other one. 

The first e-mail came Friday and there were three short ones in a row.  Candycane mentioned going into her room so when she went to check in her room she saw that the door of her room was open and she noticed a toy stroller was moved in her room so she just knew he did it. 

Funny that, no one had been home to be in her room but she saw magic.  Of course this was a brilliant idea until Saturday and Sunday when G and I were together all day long or away from a computer and she was still demanding Candycane to e-mail her.  I almost got caught at my parents writing to her. 

She has asked fun questions and had him ask her fun questions.  We are going against the rules ever so slightly but she is learning fascinating things about Elf life. 

Friday morning, the elf got into the peanut butter.  I had to put the top back on it so that meant possibly touching the little dude.  G told me I couldn't touch it but I said, "Mamas can touch it." and she said, "No, only adults can touch it."

 I said, "Well, in case you haven't noticed I am an adult."  She said, "I think it means someone 50 or older."  He survived then to leave for the evening.

Yesterday he learned to ride G's plastic horses.  The cat knocked him off once and then when I tried to put him back on he fell off the other side of the horse and landed face down with a thud on the floor.  Oops.  G just fell out laughing.  I pointed out to her that it looked like he apparently wasn't a very good horse rider since he couldn't stay on the horse.  Obviously to me of course, horses aren't in the North Pole so he wouldn't know how to ride.  So like I said, and if I didn't, I meant too, Christmas can't get here soon enough so I can stop the Elf madness!!!