Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Candycane Updates

discovered a brilliant idea that could keep G happy with the elf's antics and that is that Elf learned how to e-mail from one of my e-mail accounts to the other one. 

The first e-mail came Friday and there were three short ones in a row.  Candycane mentioned going into her room so when she went to check in her room she saw that the door of her room was open and she noticed a toy stroller was moved in her room so she just knew he did it. 

Funny that, no one had been home to be in her room but she saw magic.  Of course this was a brilliant idea until Saturday and Sunday when G and I were together all day long or away from a computer and she was still demanding Candycane to e-mail her.  I almost got caught at my parents writing to her. 

She has asked fun questions and had him ask her fun questions.  We are going against the rules ever so slightly but she is learning fascinating things about Elf life. 

Friday morning, the elf got into the peanut butter.  I had to put the top back on it so that meant possibly touching the little dude.  G told me I couldn't touch it but I said, "Mamas can touch it." and she said, "No, only adults can touch it."

 I said, "Well, in case you haven't noticed I am an adult."  She said, "I think it means someone 50 or older."  He survived then to leave for the evening.

Yesterday he learned to ride G's plastic horses.  The cat knocked him off once and then when I tried to put him back on he fell off the other side of the horse and landed face down with a thud on the floor.  Oops.  G just fell out laughing.  I pointed out to her that it looked like he apparently wasn't a very good horse rider since he couldn't stay on the horse.  Obviously to me of course, horses aren't in the North Pole so he wouldn't know how to ride.  So like I said, and if I didn't, I meant too, Christmas can't get here soon enough so I can stop the Elf madness!!!

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