Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas, the Aftermath

Actually I haven't many pictures. G stayed up until Santa was headed to Orlando and it was by threat that she finally drifted off to sleep. Then she woke about 8am and didn't want to go see the Chrismas gifts until after breakfast. Can you believe that? I wanted to go and I knew what they were but she wanted to savor the moment which we did. Santa brought the winter house shoes I needed. I had told G that I was going to stop believing if I didn't get house shoes so she said, "Do you still believe, Mama?" I told her I still believed and that was good. She loved everything but only got to play with one thing because after the gifts were opened we packed her up and headed to my cousins for the day then took G and my cousins two girls to my aunt's for the night. They did beautifully out there. Tonight the three girls are back at my cousins to see her two nieces and G is also spending another night with them. The blizzard that was predicted came through in a flurry. Pretty much a big let down around here. That didn't stop the worst drivers in America from getting on the highway and acting a fool. The roads were not bad driving home at all but a little slick this morning. The original plan was to have G back home tonight and at my parents tomorrow but best laid plans of mice and men and cousins who try to run everybody elses business! So G is hanging out with 5 of her second cousins and loving it. I worked today and will tomorrow. No more time off until New Year's Day! I was going to post a picture but honestly my computer is so wonky and slow I just don't have the patience for it so I am heading to bed.

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Vivian M said...

Merry Christmas! And stay safe on those roads!