Thursday, December 20, 2012

From G's Own Words

"When I was at art today, Ms. F (my art teacher) asked me if I can draw on a canvass and she asked me if I could draw the picture she put up. It was a dog and a cat and the dog was chasing the cat. And she just drew for me the border and the cat's head and I had to do the rest of the body and the face details and the stripes on the cat. And Ms. F just drew the head of the dog. I got to paint it and missed all my class time and I just had to do one piece of work and a big test. And I had recess and lunch. And she said come back at 12:45 and I was twenty minutes late. And I said to her, "I just got out of recess." My mama said it is a great honor to be asked because she only buys 10 canvasses a year and I painted the last one.
"And I had to get a q-tip to draw dots for stars. And I learned how to clean a brush better. At first when I was there I stayed for 1 hour and 30 mins. And I have already signed my name and I just started Wednesday. And now probably Thursday this week, I will have to present a project in front of my class."
G was asked to paint one of only 10 canvasses for the school.  A very big honor by the way.  She did so and was SO VERY EXCITED about it and talked and talked about it to my parents and me.  As soon as the weather and my computer cooperates I will post a photo of the painting.  It really is very good.  She did it in a day and missed most of her class time. 
She has to give her presentation on the inventor today since she painted all day yesterday.  Only 7 kids brought their projects back on time. The other children missed recess for not doing it.  The 7 that brought it back have very involved parents and without the teacher reminding everyday can get it done.  I pointed out how important it is for G to understand that the teacher isn't going to remind students about assignments regularly but that they are to learn to take responsibility for the assignments handed out.

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