Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It Has Been Really Crazy Busy

Doing nothing at all really.  I just mailed my Christmas cards last night and only to people I received cards from.  20 free cards don't go far and I have a Sunday School class that gets precedence over everyone else.  I love my Sunday School members and hope they are all there on Sunday because Christmas snuck up and I didn't bring them last Sunday.  I know I am a loser!

Anyway, Sunday I was check mated by God Himself.  Yes I know He is a Master and I should listen.  He warned me.  See G is beginning to have strain and stress and it is showing in defiance and melt downs (2 so far for the week in a row).  So Sunday she was in a mood and so was I.  I told her to get out of my bathroom and she refused to do so.  I left her there, turned off the light in the bathroom and bedroom and then brought the door fast behind me.  I can't say it slammed because it didn't.  My finger was in it.  I ignored the nudge of God which if heeded would prevent these melt downs.  I am not sure why I am so thick headed but I am and I apparently need the physical pain to get His drift. 
Dumb door cut my finger, it did and in a very tender place, right above the knuckle between a wart I have and the nail.  Still hurts. 

About the melt downs, G has a project due today.  She was given the instructions and research helps two weeks ago.  Her teacher had the flu all last week.  Monday, another mother is helping her daughter with a poster board (same research project) for her individual project.  I decided to look more closely at the home work folder that G tells me she never has anything in.  And then I read the instructions.  The research helps were to be taken and she was to write a 1 page paper or type a 1/2 page paper and put artifacts on a poster board or project board.  By the way this was discovered at 8:30 pm Monday night. 

No poster board most definitely no project board and G had NO clue how to put those thoughts together to write a paper.  Ginormous melt down and a frustrated mama listening to all the excuses of why she didn't do this and how she didn't have to blah, blah, try to remember she is only 8 years old blah, gah!

So I explained that her teacher expected her to do this without reminders, she had given her the deadline and she is expecting a finished project on Wed.  So I read over her info and basically dictated her paper.  She wrote what I said mostly.  She wrote very very neatly and then last night we printed pictures out for the artifacts.  She researched the inventor of LEGOs and wrote about LEGOs.  I suggested she write about some of the things she has built, you know like, houses, cafes, apartment buildings, machine guns; then I thought better of the last item in light of Friday so I nixed that one.  But she did put a picture of the pirate ships she and her grandad built to play war with on the top of the project board.  We snagged a few more pictures of what people have build with LEGOs for the other artifacts. 

Her poster board is not poster board size but I think it is very cute.  She is supposed to present it today.  I had better get an A on this, ::snort, giggle::, I mean G had better get an A on this.  My dad helped her do the research but he apparently didn't read the instructions either because there wasn't enough for a 1 page paper with what they got themselves. 

Anyway I am preparing for a melt down a night until school comes back in January and no, she has 3 more days of school before the break.  Yea, yea I know Christmas comes the same time every year but still it snuck up yet again!

Going to wake the girl so she can go find the elf!

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Vivian M said...

Wishing you both a very merry Christmas, no meltdowns during winter break, and a very happy and healthy new year!