Saturday, December 08, 2012

O Christmas Tree

G and I found a live Norfolk Pine at the grocery today that only sent our groc budget over by $6 so we got it.  Yes it is a small tree but we haven't had a Christmas tree decorated in the house in years due to the existence of animals and little room. 

But G cleaned off her train table and we made room. Then we put ornaments that had been given to us over the past few years or made by G which never made it back into the actual Christmas boxes and G also made some new ones like the angry bird ornament.  She drew out and colored several for the tree.  Then I wrapped a few gifts so now at least that area of the house is feeling a bit more like Christmas.  Now the goal is to keep the tree alive for a few years then plant that bad boy at our house or my parent's house. 

Of course one ornament had to get broken and that by me.  It was an ornament G made last year with her thumb prints on it.  Why was it made in glass?  Why not plastic?  Oh well.

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Vivian M said...

Love your tree, and the fact that you are going to plant it later and Miss G gets to watch it grow! Home made ornaments are the best kind. We love the one Miss G made for us and it gets a special place on our tree every year. :o)