Monday, January 28, 2013

Such a Better Morning

G did really well with the timer on breakfast and getting ready.  I was able to show her how much better her morning goes as well as the amount of time she has to play on the computer when she is ready to go.  No tears, no defiance, no back talk, no trouble.  Now I have to make sure she has her breakfast cooled down enough to eat it within that 20 min time frame.  Can't slack on this one.  She will quickly pickup a slacker and push the limits accordingly.

Tonight she has bball practice but we didn't work on the verses.  Totally forgot that.  I am going to karate after work.  May as well try to keep up excersize even when G is not there.  She will be getting enough tonight too.

Anyway, I didn't have near the stress driving in today and G didn't go to school upset either.  Hope this lasts until it is not necessary to use the timer.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Health Routine

Sort of. In an effort to get and stay healthy, G and I have started walking (so far only 30 mins) on Tues and Thursday and maybe Sunday (after nap). Plus she plays basketball (practice on Monday nights and game on Saturday). I am sticking with Karate on Monday nights and we both do karate on Fridays. I used to run a lot, even ran 2 marathons, trained for 4. I used to run 5k races and 1/2 marathons more regularly. This is not bragging because if you saw me now you would never guess that I ran for 6 years.

When G came home she hated the jogging stroller so I gave all of the running up. Depression in my circumstances set in and I managed to stay there for 7 years. After my last cappuccino machine broke I noticed I started dropping weight. I also cut out cereal in the morning just eating one sausage patty for breakfast and that is all which also helped with the weight loss.

Now G is old enough to go walk/run with me. We are walking with a light jog during the walk. I am teaching her to breathe correctly and not to sprint since we are going for longer time and build up endurance right now. I think we will both have more energy and lose extra weight. We both have the belly that needs to just go away! I don't think we will run any races but I haven't actually ruled that out completely either.

We both need to learn how to read our bodies for tiredness, hunger, full feeling, emotional feelings, etc. I also think this will help in the whole attachment department which is an on going row to hoe.

Last night, G was invited to spend the night with a friend but after really thinking about it she told my mom (where she was after school) that she is really tired by Friday afternoon and this friend likes to stay awake a long time so she changed her mind. Now Friday nights, G tries to stay awake by watching a movie with me but usually falls asleep before it ends. So I am glad she recognizes her tiredness and is willing to forego spending the nights for rest.

Now however, I am working on helping G tell if she is hungry or if she isn't but thinks she is. We usually eat the same amount of food when we eat lunch (like today) but she is starving tonight (so says her) and I am still full. She played for less than an hour outside so that is some of it but this is an everyday thing. I just can't imagine that she is really that hungry.

In that effort to help read our bodies we will start a new Saturday trial starting next week: breakfast (fairly large), lunch after basketball game around 2:30pm and no supper. One day a week will not hurt either of us. After all lots of people in the US and around the world are forced to skip many more meals than that. We will refocus our energies in drinking water (I think that is part of it, as in not enough) and milk (which she has almost given up in place of hot chocolate on cold mornings) and snack on yogurt or bananas if necessary.

Monday we are also going to set the timer on the breakfast eating and getting dressed. It really shouldn't take an 8 year old 1 hour or more to eat breakfast (today it took her 1 hour 45 mins to eat 4 mini pancakes and drink hot chocolate) and get dressed. It really shouldn't take 40 mins or more to eat breakfast but guess what, it does. G takes that long everyday until by the time we MUST leave I am a furious wreck.

So I am setting the timer for 20 mins each then if she has 20mins left over to play games she can do that. Self motivation doesn't work for her. Timer will. I have had the game playing before school if she gets ready early enough since, well, forever but she never does take adavantage of it. She then gets defiant and argues with me about how she can get ready in 15 mins but doesn't want to and how I don't have to work but I want to so my being late for work argument doesn't work on her. Last week I believe everyday but one she was in tears going to school and I was clinching my jaws so tight on the way to work from frustration and I am truly sick of it. It is all about control and lack of trust in attachement.

On to brighter things, I am still loving the new washer. Laundry isn't any easier or better but at least the washer still smells new! And the laundry room is still clean from pulling out the old and putting in the new.

We have clean sheets on the bed and I personally am ready to go there for the evening.

In the ballgame G made a basket today and attempted more shots this time than in the past games. She really made the other players she guarded really have to work for each step they took! I was very proud of her. They lost by A LOT because yet again, she has many new players (never played before) on her team. I just wish one season she would get on a winning team. She has had enough of the whole character building through losing, I think.

The weather is going to be in the high 70s this week and then a cold front is coming at some point. All of the daffodils and tulips are attempting to grow and bloom. We haven't had a cold enough winter for long enough yet. But here it is not a shock to have a deep snow in March so for us winter tries to keep us confused. Plus it is so damp in the air when the cold comes it feels so much worse on the bones.

So this week same old same old with a few new routines. Nothing new at work. Have a wonderful day of rest and wonderful week ahead.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Washer, Fancy Schmancy

Saturday, G and I were at my patents to do laundry then go to the bball game. Last Saturday my washer broke. It was thirteen years old and though it may have been fixable, it was easier to go ahead and buy new. So Friday, as God would have it, I was able to pick up the money I earned from the part time Christmas work I had done. That check covered the washer with some left over. Now don't misread, I bought the least expensive one and my dad picked it up and installed it for me, but God knew exactly when I would need that money so he kept the payment held up (but within the 30 day time frame) until I would need it. The washer is basically a newer model of my old one, same brand, but it has a lid lock and a start button instead of the push pull knob. Then the lights indicate which part of the cycle you are on. A bit more electrical than the old so I am praying to get 13 or more years out of this one. I got almost 13 years out of the other. G is spending the night with the parents. I left her a sobbing mess in my dad's lap. She decided she would miss me too much and worked herself up. There is no school tomorrow though but I have to work. Nothing is ever easy is it? So now I am off to bed. I am taking Thursday to work the part time thing again. I wish that could turn quickly into full time but alas, start ups can't grow in O's America. I am typing this on a tablet, please forgive the spelling errors.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Inclement Weather Day

Or in other words the rural roads were way too icy for the buses to run.  Of course last night we all knew the school would close for the day but did they call then?  OH, NO, the OFFICIAL word came by phone call at 5:45 am while I was in a very deep sleep.

So G and I ended up sleeping until 10am.  We both needed the rest and now we are just hanging out, G playing with legos and me on the computer working budget, news, etc but doing nothing else of import.  Since the washer is broken laundry can't be done.  I have to go get gas at some point but the ice hasn't exactly melted yet.  It is in the process of melting but not enough to wish to be out in it.

It is very cold and it is the wet stick to you cold not the bearable dry cold.  We still have our Christmas tree up and decorated.  Since it is a live smallish Norfold pine and out of the way I have left it to its own self.

Lunch is started, rice cooking in the rice cooker (best investment ever) and when it is ready I will put on some PF Chang's frozen dumplings, yum!  Tonight, no choir practice but will have GAs so we will probably go to church with my parents.  

The tangle free brushes came in Monday so that is a good thing but they don't work as expected and they feel cheap.  Do NOT purchase.  Plus the web site to purchase them is deceitful.  As you hit the next button to check out it gives offers of "deals" to add to the order.  The only option highlighted is the "yes, next" button with the "no" button totally grayed out as if it doesn't work so you think the only option is to close it or purchase the add on. Then when you finally get to the end you don't get to see what you are truly about to purchase with taxes and shipping before the final commit.  It just commits.  So deceitful beyond measure not to work in the first place.

We haven't heard whether G's picture was chosen to go to the competition or not.  Not sure when or if we will know.  One little girl claimed victory herself but we don't know if she is telling the truth or not.  Congrats to her if true and if not we may hear something soon of the winner.

In family news my mom has cataracts so bad and will have to have surgery within the next month.  She has to have an appt 7-10 days after being out of contacts for that long then they will schedule one eye at a time.  The memory doctor believes this will help a lot.  We all hope so too.

So time to make lunch.  The rice is complete now.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finally Home

I drove in the driveway at 11:15pm.  G had been at my parents and at one point I was thinking she should just spend the night, but when I called at 9:30ishpm to make the suggestion (I had another 2 hours in the traffic but didn't know that yet) she started crying so I knew that wouldn't work. Dad met me at my house so he stayed up with her to wait on my to call and say I am on the way home.  G and dad came in behind me.

I have no idea what I am going to do today.  The weather may not do anything and staying home isn't really an option.  I used a half a tank of gas in the traffic and I am totally exhausted.   I had gone to the rest room right before getting in my car to leave and then about 3 hours into the mess I really had to go.  I told my mom when I called her on one of the million calls I made to her and G told me my dad's suggestion was to go in a cup.  I don't think he realizes that that would be quite impossible.  But now I have a slight UTI I think.  Cranberry juice seems to cure me pretty well.

Got to bed just by midnight up by 6pm.  Have I mentioned that I really am one who needs sleep?  Last night I had decided not to go to work today but the school hasn't been canceled yet.  I will just eat the day if they will close it.
I don't want to waste the day but this is crazy.  G isn't going to have much more sleep than I because she came home last night.  Thankfully my parents gave her a bath, brushed her teeth and everything so she didn't have to do that too.  And about that 6 hour traffic jam, no body knew what the hold up was.  I called the Hwy patrol and city police in big city and smallish town and NOBODY could say what happened.  The news this morning keeps saying a couple of hours the interstate was backed up, HAH! try 5 hours.  But my 45 min drive took 6 hours.  I left work at 5:15pm and got home at 11:15pm. 

Oh well, I guess I will get ready and pray the school closes.  Normally I would have no problem going but sitting in a car for 6 hours has changed my mind I believe I would be glad for a snow day.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Still not home. A 45 min drive has turned into well over 5 hours. AWESOME!
Oh yeah the washer broke on Sat. Did I say this isn't worse than last year?
3 hours now. Not even stop and go but stop, turn off car wait, turn on for a very short forward move, stop, turn off car and wait.
And now I gotta P!
By the way the roads were not this bad.
Stuck on I40 now for 2 1/2 hours. Left work at 5:15pm still in big city with at least a normal 40 min drive left. Have no idea what the hold up is.
Stuck on I40 now for 2 1/2 hours. Left work at 5:15pm still in big city with at least a normal 40 min drive left. Have no idea what the hold up is.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

G's Honors

G was asked (along with several other children in the school) to compete in a drawing competition.  She and 3 of her classmates and more from other classes.  They were given a photo copy of a picture of a bird to draw.  So it was supposed to be completed on Friday but the art teacher overheard G telling a classmate how badly she had done so the art teacher said she could take it home and re-do it.  She finished it today but I can't get this new blogger interface to cooperate and up load it to the blog.  I also don't think I can text the photo from the phone to the blog.  I will try later.  As you can see I got it to load via the HTML picture loading section thing-y.

Have I mentioned how much I detest the blogger interface?  G and I finished reading the Hobbit.  We saw the movie before Christmas.  We have future plans to see the remainder of the movies.  G is supposed to be reading the Hobbit behind me.  In other words I finished reading it to her and she is still back at Bilbo's introduction to Gollum.  Then she will test on the book in AR.  If your child participates in AR it is worth 16 points.  G's teacher isn't really challenging G on her number of points which isn't making me happy.  One thing I know about G is she will come up to a challenge but she will not strive beyond it, at least I haven't found the key to unlock that part of her. 

In other news, I have 4 detangling brushes coming in the next 3 weeks because I am an idiot and the website was not only complicated but deceiving.  So we will see if they work as they claim and because I purchased them with my own money then I will have no problem blasting them or giving them credit if they work.  Sometimes with reviews I feel guilty saying something didn't work or I didn't like it if was given to me but I am completely honest in all reviews.  I will however have no guilt with the deceptive nature of the detangling brushes website.

I am still employed at the doctor's office.  Will never be anything other than PRN.  Though that is not okay it does afford me the opportunity to not feel guilty when I take off to work for more pay on small temporary assignments that also will be nothing other than PRN. 

I don't see this new year being better but so far it isn't worse than last year.  I have two more W-2s to receive before completing my taxes which may stem another anti-Obama rant. 

I am staying off the blog due to time and having nothing really going on around here of import.  As G gets older I will probably be much more silent.  We shall see.  I also hate the blogger interface so it keeps me off the blog as far as writing. 

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year's Day Activity

Santa brought G two lego architectural projects both for 10+ and G finished both in 3 hours or less. I finished watching Pride and Prejudice and now it is 3pm. Waste of a day but fun nonetheless.  Did get a bit of laundry done which I guess makes it less wasted.

We both ate a rather Chinese-y breakfast, mine of dumplings and G of boiled eggs, rice and seaweed snack. She did try one of the dumplings but likes the chicken over the pork and leaks better. Needless to say such a large breakfast or rather brunch makes neither of us ready to think of supper. Lunch got bumped totally out of the picture.

I did spend some time this morning in my room with my coffee and my scrabble game because I was in the mood for a rather long time out.  That helped well.

Happy 2013

A lot of the blogs I am reading seem to have the most positive outlook but for some strange reason I have a sense of foreboding and dread for this year. Republicans have lost what it means to be conservative on both spending and taxes and have allowed the Democrats to run roughshod over them and over the nation. Enough about that though. Last night G was determined to stay up until midnight. She was so determined to do so she took a slow long shower, we read a whole chapter in the Hobbit and then we started the movie. She agreed to watch Pride and Prejudice because had she watched the whole thing she would have seen midnight. Alas, at 9:57 pm she gave up and fell asleep. I who was almost as determined not to stay up watched the whole 1st DVD which ended at 12:30 am. So we slept a bit later today since I am off work and G is still out of school and other than laundry which is never ending, we will watch movies and play all day. I hope my feelings mentioned above are purely hormonal but sometimes the gut instinct is difficult to ignore. I will put those feelings on the back burner until at least tomorrow.