Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finally Home

I drove in the driveway at 11:15pm.  G had been at my parents and at one point I was thinking she should just spend the night, but when I called at 9:30ishpm to make the suggestion (I had another 2 hours in the traffic but didn't know that yet) she started crying so I knew that wouldn't work. Dad met me at my house so he stayed up with her to wait on my to call and say I am on the way home.  G and dad came in behind me.

I have no idea what I am going to do today.  The weather may not do anything and staying home isn't really an option.  I used a half a tank of gas in the traffic and I am totally exhausted.   I had gone to the rest room right before getting in my car to leave and then about 3 hours into the mess I really had to go.  I told my mom when I called her on one of the million calls I made to her and G told me my dad's suggestion was to go in a cup.  I don't think he realizes that that would be quite impossible.  But now I have a slight UTI I think.  Cranberry juice seems to cure me pretty well.

Got to bed just by midnight up by 6pm.  Have I mentioned that I really am one who needs sleep?  Last night I had decided not to go to work today but the school hasn't been canceled yet.  I will just eat the day if they will close it.
I don't want to waste the day but this is crazy.  G isn't going to have much more sleep than I because she came home last night.  Thankfully my parents gave her a bath, brushed her teeth and everything so she didn't have to do that too.  And about that 6 hour traffic jam, no body knew what the hold up was.  I called the Hwy patrol and city police in big city and smallish town and NOBODY could say what happened.  The news this morning keeps saying a couple of hours the interstate was backed up, HAH! try 5 hours.  But my 45 min drive took 6 hours.  I left work at 5:15pm and got home at 11:15pm. 

Oh well, I guess I will get ready and pray the school closes.  Normally I would have no problem going but sitting in a car for 6 hours has changed my mind I believe I would be glad for a snow day.

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Vivian M said...

Oh wow. Thank goodness you got home safe and sound! I vote for stay in bed all day. :o)