Sunday, January 13, 2013

G's Honors

G was asked (along with several other children in the school) to compete in a drawing competition.  She and 3 of her classmates and more from other classes.  They were given a photo copy of a picture of a bird to draw.  So it was supposed to be completed on Friday but the art teacher overheard G telling a classmate how badly she had done so the art teacher said she could take it home and re-do it.  She finished it today but I can't get this new blogger interface to cooperate and up load it to the blog.  I also don't think I can text the photo from the phone to the blog.  I will try later.  As you can see I got it to load via the HTML picture loading section thing-y.

Have I mentioned how much I detest the blogger interface?  G and I finished reading the Hobbit.  We saw the movie before Christmas.  We have future plans to see the remainder of the movies.  G is supposed to be reading the Hobbit behind me.  In other words I finished reading it to her and she is still back at Bilbo's introduction to Gollum.  Then she will test on the book in AR.  If your child participates in AR it is worth 16 points.  G's teacher isn't really challenging G on her number of points which isn't making me happy.  One thing I know about G is she will come up to a challenge but she will not strive beyond it, at least I haven't found the key to unlock that part of her. 

In other news, I have 4 detangling brushes coming in the next 3 weeks because I am an idiot and the website was not only complicated but deceiving.  So we will see if they work as they claim and because I purchased them with my own money then I will have no problem blasting them or giving them credit if they work.  Sometimes with reviews I feel guilty saying something didn't work or I didn't like it if was given to me but I am completely honest in all reviews.  I will however have no guilt with the deceptive nature of the detangling brushes website.

I am still employed at the doctor's office.  Will never be anything other than PRN.  Though that is not okay it does afford me the opportunity to not feel guilty when I take off to work for more pay on small temporary assignments that also will be nothing other than PRN. 

I don't see this new year being better but so far it isn't worse than last year.  I have two more W-2s to receive before completing my taxes which may stem another anti-Obama rant. 

I am staying off the blog due to time and having nothing really going on around here of import.  As G gets older I will probably be much more silent.  We shall see.  I also hate the blogger interface so it keeps me off the blog as far as writing. 

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Vivian M said...

I had to change to a different web browser to load pics on blogger (Google Chrome, but you can also try Firefox). It is frustrating!

The picture is amazing! Miss G is very talented!