Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Inclement Weather Day

Or in other words the rural roads were way too icy for the buses to run.  Of course last night we all knew the school would close for the day but did they call then?  OH, NO, the OFFICIAL word came by phone call at 5:45 am while I was in a very deep sleep.

So G and I ended up sleeping until 10am.  We both needed the rest and now we are just hanging out, G playing with legos and me on the computer working budget, news, etc but doing nothing else of import.  Since the washer is broken laundry can't be done.  I have to go get gas at some point but the ice hasn't exactly melted yet.  It is in the process of melting but not enough to wish to be out in it.

It is very cold and it is the wet stick to you cold not the bearable dry cold.  We still have our Christmas tree up and decorated.  Since it is a live smallish Norfold pine and out of the way I have left it to its own self.

Lunch is started, rice cooking in the rice cooker (best investment ever) and when it is ready I will put on some PF Chang's frozen dumplings, yum!  Tonight, no choir practice but will have GAs so we will probably go to church with my parents.  

The tangle free brushes came in Monday so that is a good thing but they don't work as expected and they feel cheap.  Do NOT purchase.  Plus the web site to purchase them is deceitful.  As you hit the next button to check out it gives offers of "deals" to add to the order.  The only option highlighted is the "yes, next" button with the "no" button totally grayed out as if it doesn't work so you think the only option is to close it or purchase the add on. Then when you finally get to the end you don't get to see what you are truly about to purchase with taxes and shipping before the final commit.  It just commits.  So deceitful beyond measure not to work in the first place.

We haven't heard whether G's picture was chosen to go to the competition or not.  Not sure when or if we will know.  One little girl claimed victory herself but we don't know if she is telling the truth or not.  Congrats to her if true and if not we may hear something soon of the winner.

In family news my mom has cataracts so bad and will have to have surgery within the next month.  She has to have an appt 7-10 days after being out of contacts for that long then they will schedule one eye at a time.  The memory doctor believes this will help a lot.  We all hope so too.

So time to make lunch.  The rice is complete now.

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Vivian M said...

My Mom had cataract surgery (one eye at a time too) and it greatly improved her vision!
Hope it thaws out soon so you can get out. It is 0 here today with a wind chill of -15 so we are stuck indoors too.
Keep warm! :o)