Monday, January 28, 2013

Such a Better Morning

G did really well with the timer on breakfast and getting ready.  I was able to show her how much better her morning goes as well as the amount of time she has to play on the computer when she is ready to go.  No tears, no defiance, no back talk, no trouble.  Now I have to make sure she has her breakfast cooled down enough to eat it within that 20 min time frame.  Can't slack on this one.  She will quickly pickup a slacker and push the limits accordingly.

Tonight she has bball practice but we didn't work on the verses.  Totally forgot that.  I am going to karate after work.  May as well try to keep up excersize even when G is not there.  She will be getting enough tonight too.

Anyway, I didn't have near the stress driving in today and G didn't go to school upset either.  Hope this lasts until it is not necessary to use the timer.

1 comment:

Vivian M said...

Sounds like the timer is working! Fingers crossed. :o)