Thursday, February 28, 2013

Self Portrait

But not of me.

I love it but neither she nor my mom do.  Maybe I am just too partial.

Oh and shout out to Robin (from work) if you are reading, by the way that is a bit stalkish, you know.

Monday, February 25, 2013

I Caught Every Bit of It and Then Some

G's cold that is.  Her scratchy throat hit me on Sunday plus I have a fever and everything.  We both feel like we are drowning in sinus stuff. But she never got a fever that I could feel.  I felt so bad today that I didn't even finish my coffee.  Now that is a bad feeling!  I won't make as much tomorrow if I still feel the same. 

Basically, right now I want to go slather myself with vicks and go to bed but I have to wait on G to get home from b-ball practice.  It just started storming here as I drove up in the drive way.  I think it has already passed but more is on its way I think.

I think my leg is fine though where I didn't stretch enough.  It doesn't hurt unless I move it quickly unexpectedly separate from me. 

I still have a bit of laundry to do which I didn't finish this weekend.  So I will do some of that while waiting.  My phone battery died and I had no idea until I got to work today.  How silly of me really.  I usually check it more regular than that.   

Oh poor Simon, our cat, he has started slinging snot now too.  Lord please heal this house of sick.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Fantastical Day

We had a wonderful day.  Started way too early with my rank test to green belt where in I did some sort of punch and though I was supposed to twist into a particular stance my left leg didn't and now I am in a serious conundrum of pain!  I can't tell if the pain is muscle or some other pain and whether or not I should seek professional help or just wait it out. As long as I don't move too sharply or separately I am okay but getting into the car creates an interesting situation  and I have had to literally pick my leg up and put it in the car.  Oh well, getting old isn't for the weak, that is for sure.  My  little limber girl who was with me in the testing (not for herself but more for review and support and because she goes pretty much everywhere I do) said, "I told you you should have stretched longer."  To which I said in my most motherly and loving voice, "Shut up." ;}

And then at 1pm G played a basketball game that was brutal.  The other team killed our team but G made two baskets and she and her team mates actually played like a team with the passing the ball, helping each other out, running screens; it was like they really were understanding the whole idea of team finally!  The other team had some really good shooters but for our league they really played more street ball. 

Between time I worked the survey job and will finish that tomorrow out at my mom's after church. I am having a laundry fail though for the weekend.  Usually I am done by now but what with all the running and what not it didn't get finished.  We do have warm clean jams though!  It is the important things in life that matter.  Speaking of jams I am ready to get into them and go to bed.  I would like to think I am getting a nap tomorrow. 

G and I are trying to come up with a plan that she can earn money for her own I-pad or I-pod.   She may be willing to draw and sell dragon prints or dragon note cards.  I can't get her to actually stay still long enough to draw some to start but so far the idea is in her head. 

Praying for a good week tomorrow for everyone.  G is very stopped up right now so I am praying hers doesn't turn into a sinus infection or worse. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ha Ha, Jokes on ME

Low and behold, my dad did go pick G up tonight.  As I drove into the parking lot I saw them running to the car. I pulled up and got her back pack and told her I knew she wanted the French Fries so go ahead with Grandad, heh.

End of a Stressful Week

Yes, I know it is only Wednesday but tomorrow and Friday I don't work at the lifestyle docs but am doing the survey side gig.  I am so excited to not have to go into the docs that I may even sleep well tonight. 
Also, I am kind of sort of getting a bit more used to the car.  Why do steering wheels have to be so thick?  That I don't know if I will ever get used to.  My hands go to sleep holding it seriously. 

In lenten news, I am so glad for new days!  That is all I am gonna say about that!

Leaving to pick G up from Wednesday night church.  Tonight she is a wee bit put out as my sister is visiting my parents who normally do the Wed. night pickup won't be getting her as they always take her to get french fries.  I on the other hand do not!

Hoping there is not a snow day tomorrow!  Or rather a sleet day but the house is a bit cold right now. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

School funny

G told us a this conversation she had with a teacher. G said, "Mama, our music teacher told us we could try out for a part like a teacher, or kid #1 or kid #2 and then she asked me and I said 'I don't want to do it.' And she said, 'I got you to say six words.'" (Long pause while my parents and I laughed). "Why is that funny and why are you laughing?" To which I explained that the teacher probably went to the teachers lounge and bragged about getting you to say 6 words in a row to her. I said, "I do believe that getting you to talk to them is a teacher's badge of honor."

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Already broken and repentent

Leave it to government offices of revenue and tax to make me lose the whole lenten spirit, heh.  So I am giving myself grace and starting over. Thank God His mercies are new every morning.

Managed to get the taxes and tags on the new to me car.  G has perfect teeth and perfect vision.  Well, that is not totally true, she could stand an orthodontist appointment but since braces are never necessary she isn't getting one.  As far as her eyes, she doesn't need glasses but she is a bit farsighted just not enough to worry with.  Apparently, children are born farsighted and as they grow they get nearsighted or more nearsighted and she is 1 point less farsighted than a year ago and glasses were optional then.  If I knew that then I don't remember.  My parents took her then but since G didn't need glasses they either didn't mention it or I didn't take the optional part seriously and ignored it. 

The turning in of the eyelashes is a future problem only when they bother G but they are extensive on her lower lid.  The crowding of her teeth is a bigger problem than her grinding which is a relief but again she is really not to the point of having braces as a health requirement. 

So I am taking a nap until I have to go pick up G at school!  Then we may go to my moms and hang out the rest of the day!  We may walk later and have dinner just like every Thursday!

The Day Didn't End Badly For G After All

Her teacher showed her mercy and didn't punish her for forgetting her signed papers.  I still hope she learned not to forget them.  She said she cried a little to herself when her row was called and that the teacher took her outside so she felt like she was getting in trouble. 

Today she gets a break and heads to the dentist and eye docs then back to school in time for lunch and the party.  I have no idea if there are tests she will be missing or not.  She managed to get her valentine cards completed.  The candy and whipped cream for the party are already there so really there is nothing left to do. 

We both got an extra 30 mins to sleep today.  I am treating today like Saturday and told G so to which she said, "But you are going out in public."  I said, "I go out in public on Saturday too!"  Saturday means pony tail no, no make up and relatively clean, heh.

I am already dreading Friday but trying to just enjoy today.  I am choosing to enjoy today!  I just have to hang on until March 8 when the new director gets there and we shall see what happens.  The new team leader told me something yesterday that threw me a bit off kilter.  She said, "I want to be there for you but you won't."  This came in response to me telling her to not let someone get her so worked up over such little things.  There is so very much drama there.  It is quite crazy.  One little change and I mean small way that really changes nothing about how we do things caused so much consternation.  I was trying to help. 

I gave the team leader some of the printed instructions I had done on how to do some of the jobs there and they were probably thrown away.  I think it would be better if they took each job and included printed step by step instructions that would allow anyone off the street to come in and do the job.  It can be updated every 6 months or so.  That would be a job for the director so I will ask him about it when he gets there.  Yes it is frightening to think of but everyone is replaceable and the company shouldn't be punished if someone leaves.

Most people hate change I understand that but to not change hurts the businesses for which we work.  It also hurts ourselves by not being able to move with the seasons. 

This is not a criticism post unless it is of me.  I am going to give up criticism for lent, not even constructive criticism.  At least that is what I declared.  We shall see.  I may forget I said that by this afternoon. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One of the Worst Weeks

My (3rd) manager quit yesterday after having all privileges of being manager taken slowly from her.  Yesterday was the last straw.  So she walked out in the middle of the day after only 4 months.  The meeting said we had to ask the dr's wife for prior approval to have overtime but just now the doctor that is also practice manager just over ruled that and she is his sis in law.  Who knows, just hanging on until the new director/manager gets here in March. 

Then the student she had brought to do her internship who is here to learn refuses to write notes about what she is supposed to do or how she is supposed to do and when I have been required to train her even for me going so far to write step by step instructions for her, she has complained, cried and acted so badly that two other co-workers do the work for her.  She is here to learn but she doesn't want to do grunt work so she feigns lack of understanding and tells others that I am mean to her even after I have printed out detailed instructions, gone over the information, answered questions etc.  Asking questions is not the problem but refusing to read training materials or not taking your own notes and then telling someone your trainer is mean, okay that flies all over me!!

Now for the next bad, G forgot her papers needing signed.  I told her that I would go sign them before school but this morning she informed me that the teacher had cafeteria duty and I had to tell her that I couldn't go in and sign her papers.  This means G probably lost her recess.  She has only done this one other time but after almost a year of school she knows to bring the papers home once a week.  I told her that maybe she would learn not to forget them and she defiantly said, "I will never learn."  Like I said she has done this one other time but that defiant streak is a bit painful.  So we had major melt down this morning over loss of recess.  Consequences are HARD!!  Best to learn now that rescues don't always come in the form we wish or expect and sometimes the consequences aren't as bad as they sound.

For a somewhat good, we got a new to us car...with a trunk...that G and I can fit in comfortably when we are kidnapped together...and it is puke green in color...and the steering wheel is too big...

But it has roughly 97,000 miles less than my Explorer and supposedly gets much better gas mileage.  I am still waiting on that to prove itself.  As soon as I get the tags switched I can finish paying my dad back with the left over tax refund.  Dad "bought" my explorer and may either sell it or sell his truck.  I put that in quotes only because the care I have now is way more expensive than anything he will get out of my Explorer.

My explorer I drove for 13 years and was only owner due to it being a program/leased car prior to my buying it.  I loved it but the gas was getting to be very very expensive to where I just couldn't afford it.  This car though I have noticed likes to skid on roads, not sure if tires are needed or if just has too much power.  G was thrilled with the whole idea of a new to us car.  She can open the door from the inside and get herself out.  It is a much smoother ride and feels claustrophobic comparatively speaking.  I am just used to so much more room and sitting up high. 

Tomorrow G has a dental and eye appt in the morning so she will miss 1/2 a day of school.  I took the whole day off because I need it.  Next week I have two days off to work the survey job.  I can't believe this week has taken such a bad turn.  It has to get better, I just know it.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Mega Bedtime Meltdown

Interesting how these things start and how long they go. G tends to need an argument then even when I attempt to ignore, she keeps on. Literally, she would not stop saying the same thing over for 10 mins. Too tired and we were in the middle before I saw it coming. I missed the sign and can only find tiredness to be the trigger tonight.
<\br> I am irritated too. This started right after bath and ran for 45 mins. Finally, she is asleep and I am still ticked. At 8 years you would think this would end but nope apparently not. And reason is not in her vocabulary when she is in melt down mode. The only thong I can think of was a perfect storm of miscommunication over pick up at church tonight(not me but grandad), stress over gt referral and being tired. She got the referral now starts the testing. I hope there won't be more nights like this anytime soon.
<\br> Before I forget again, the other day G and I saw a very tall man and G said, "see Mama, if you married him then I would take after him and be tall." We are also still confused about the who genetic makeup thing, heh.

Monday, February 04, 2013

G conversation

Short and sweet: G overheard me telling my friend, who is a brand new mom, somethings and she sai, "Quit giving her tips or she'll be a better mom." Just to clarify I said, "My tips won't help her be a better mom than me because I have the best child in the world." For the record I sure didn't think G thought of me as a good mom based on all the mommy shopping she did as well as the frustrating times we have. So I am glad she thinks so highly of me. Now if I could get her to mind more consistently, heh.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Awesome Game

G scored twice.  She took the ball from a throw in and just took it down and scored and then repeated that once more.  But after that she wouldn't get close enough to shoot.  The team lost but they made the other team work REALLY hard for all their points.  The kids said they had a good time and were having fun.  G said it must have been because they had a good practice last Monday night. 

Today was laundry day and errand day and I snuck in a nap.  G has mostly been finding new free games for the Fire.  Other than that it has been a very quiet Saturday. 

I was going to blog about something very important (in my own mind) but now that very same mind has totally forgotten it.  Oh well on to the report of the timing issue.  We have had a really good Mon-Friday week with the 20/20 timing.  No tears and plenty of time to play the computer games before school.

No pictures because honestly I am just lazy!  Oh and I hate making pancakes.  I never (even with a pre-mix mix) get it right.  Either they are too thick or burned.  Can't figure it out.  This morning they stuck to the non stick pan which caused too much browning on one side and not enough on the other.  I may get it figured out one day!