Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Fantastical Day

We had a wonderful day.  Started way too early with my rank test to green belt where in I did some sort of punch and though I was supposed to twist into a particular stance my left leg didn't and now I am in a serious conundrum of pain!  I can't tell if the pain is muscle or some other pain and whether or not I should seek professional help or just wait it out. As long as I don't move too sharply or separately I am okay but getting into the car creates an interesting situation  and I have had to literally pick my leg up and put it in the car.  Oh well, getting old isn't for the weak, that is for sure.  My  little limber girl who was with me in the testing (not for herself but more for review and support and because she goes pretty much everywhere I do) said, "I told you you should have stretched longer."  To which I said in my most motherly and loving voice, "Shut up." ;}

And then at 1pm G played a basketball game that was brutal.  The other team killed our team but G made two baskets and she and her team mates actually played like a team with the passing the ball, helping each other out, running screens; it was like they really were understanding the whole idea of team finally!  The other team had some really good shooters but for our league they really played more street ball. 

Between time I worked the survey job and will finish that tomorrow out at my mom's after church. I am having a laundry fail though for the weekend.  Usually I am done by now but what with all the running and what not it didn't get finished.  We do have warm clean jams though!  It is the important things in life that matter.  Speaking of jams I am ready to get into them and go to bed.  I would like to think I am getting a nap tomorrow. 

G and I are trying to come up with a plan that she can earn money for her own I-pad or I-pod.   She may be willing to draw and sell dragon prints or dragon note cards.  I can't get her to actually stay still long enough to draw some to start but so far the idea is in her head. 

Praying for a good week tomorrow for everyone.  G is very stopped up right now so I am praying hers doesn't turn into a sinus infection or worse. 

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Vivian M said...

Ouch! Hope your leg feels better real soon. :o(
Would love to see Miss G's dragon artwork.