Thursday, February 14, 2013

Already broken and repentent

Leave it to government offices of revenue and tax to make me lose the whole lenten spirit, heh.  So I am giving myself grace and starting over. Thank God His mercies are new every morning.

Managed to get the taxes and tags on the new to me car.  G has perfect teeth and perfect vision.  Well, that is not totally true, she could stand an orthodontist appointment but since braces are never necessary she isn't getting one.  As far as her eyes, she doesn't need glasses but she is a bit farsighted just not enough to worry with.  Apparently, children are born farsighted and as they grow they get nearsighted or more nearsighted and she is 1 point less farsighted than a year ago and glasses were optional then.  If I knew that then I don't remember.  My parents took her then but since G didn't need glasses they either didn't mention it or I didn't take the optional part seriously and ignored it. 

The turning in of the eyelashes is a future problem only when they bother G but they are extensive on her lower lid.  The crowding of her teeth is a bigger problem than her grinding which is a relief but again she is really not to the point of having braces as a health requirement. 

So I am taking a nap until I have to go pick up G at school!  Then we may go to my moms and hang out the rest of the day!  We may walk later and have dinner just like every Thursday!

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Vivian M said...

Kerri had to have a few baby teeth pulled because of overcrowding. I am glad Miss G does not need glasses, Kerri does and they can be really expensive. Congrats on the new to you car!