Saturday, February 02, 2013

Awesome Game

G scored twice.  She took the ball from a throw in and just took it down and scored and then repeated that once more.  But after that she wouldn't get close enough to shoot.  The team lost but they made the other team work REALLY hard for all their points.  The kids said they had a good time and were having fun.  G said it must have been because they had a good practice last Monday night. 

Today was laundry day and errand day and I snuck in a nap.  G has mostly been finding new free games for the Fire.  Other than that it has been a very quiet Saturday. 

I was going to blog about something very important (in my own mind) but now that very same mind has totally forgotten it.  Oh well on to the report of the timing issue.  We have had a really good Mon-Friday week with the 20/20 timing.  No tears and plenty of time to play the computer games before school.

No pictures because honestly I am just lazy!  Oh and I hate making pancakes.  I never (even with a pre-mix mix) get it right.  Either they are too thick or burned.  Can't figure it out.  This morning they stuck to the non stick pan which caused too much browning on one side and not enough on the other.  I may get it figured out one day!

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