Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Mega Bedtime Meltdown

Interesting how these things start and how long they go. G tends to need an argument then even when I attempt to ignore, she keeps on. Literally, she would not stop saying the same thing over for 10 mins. Too tired and we were in the middle before I saw it coming. I missed the sign and can only find tiredness to be the trigger tonight.
<\br> I am irritated too. This started right after bath and ran for 45 mins. Finally, she is asleep and I am still ticked. At 8 years you would think this would end but nope apparently not. And reason is not in her vocabulary when she is in melt down mode. The only thong I can think of was a perfect storm of miscommunication over pick up at church tonight(not me but grandad), stress over gt referral and being tired. She got the referral now starts the testing. I hope there won't be more nights like this anytime soon.
<\br> Before I forget again, the other day G and I saw a very tall man and G said, "see Mama, if you married him then I would take after him and be tall." We are also still confused about the who genetic makeup thing, heh.

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