Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One of the Worst Weeks

My (3rd) manager quit yesterday after having all privileges of being manager taken slowly from her.  Yesterday was the last straw.  So she walked out in the middle of the day after only 4 months.  The meeting said we had to ask the dr's wife for prior approval to have overtime but just now the doctor that is also practice manager just over ruled that and she is his sis in law.  Who knows, just hanging on until the new director/manager gets here in March. 

Then the student she had brought to do her internship who is here to learn refuses to write notes about what she is supposed to do or how she is supposed to do and when I have been required to train her even for me going so far to write step by step instructions for her, she has complained, cried and acted so badly that two other co-workers do the work for her.  She is here to learn but she doesn't want to do grunt work so she feigns lack of understanding and tells others that I am mean to her even after I have printed out detailed instructions, gone over the information, answered questions etc.  Asking questions is not the problem but refusing to read training materials or not taking your own notes and then telling someone your trainer is mean, okay that flies all over me!!

Now for the next bad, G forgot her papers needing signed.  I told her that I would go sign them before school but this morning she informed me that the teacher had cafeteria duty and I had to tell her that I couldn't go in and sign her papers.  This means G probably lost her recess.  She has only done this one other time but after almost a year of school she knows to bring the papers home once a week.  I told her that maybe she would learn not to forget them and she defiantly said, "I will never learn."  Like I said she has done this one other time but that defiant streak is a bit painful.  So we had major melt down this morning over loss of recess.  Consequences are HARD!!  Best to learn now that rescues don't always come in the form we wish or expect and sometimes the consequences aren't as bad as they sound.

For a somewhat good, we got a new to us car...with a trunk...that G and I can fit in comfortably when we are kidnapped together...and it is puke green in color...and the steering wheel is too big...

But it has roughly 97,000 miles less than my Explorer and supposedly gets much better gas mileage.  I am still waiting on that to prove itself.  As soon as I get the tags switched I can finish paying my dad back with the left over tax refund.  Dad "bought" my explorer and may either sell it or sell his truck.  I put that in quotes only because the care I have now is way more expensive than anything he will get out of my Explorer.

My explorer I drove for 13 years and was only owner due to it being a program/leased car prior to my buying it.  I loved it but the gas was getting to be very very expensive to where I just couldn't afford it.  This car though I have noticed likes to skid on roads, not sure if tires are needed or if just has too much power.  G was thrilled with the whole idea of a new to us car.  She can open the door from the inside and get herself out.  It is a much smoother ride and feels claustrophobic comparatively speaking.  I am just used to so much more room and sitting up high. 

Tomorrow G has a dental and eye appt in the morning so she will miss 1/2 a day of school.  I took the whole day off because I need it.  Next week I have two days off to work the survey job.  I can't believe this week has taken such a bad turn.  It has to get better, I just know it.

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