Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Day Didn't End Badly For G After All

Her teacher showed her mercy and didn't punish her for forgetting her signed papers.  I still hope she learned not to forget them.  She said she cried a little to herself when her row was called and that the teacher took her outside so she felt like she was getting in trouble. 

Today she gets a break and heads to the dentist and eye docs then back to school in time for lunch and the party.  I have no idea if there are tests she will be missing or not.  She managed to get her valentine cards completed.  The candy and whipped cream for the party are already there so really there is nothing left to do. 

We both got an extra 30 mins to sleep today.  I am treating today like Saturday and told G so to which she said, "But you are going out in public."  I said, "I go out in public on Saturday too!"  Saturday means pony tail no, no make up and relatively clean, heh.

I am already dreading Friday but trying to just enjoy today.  I am choosing to enjoy today!  I just have to hang on until March 8 when the new director gets there and we shall see what happens.  The new team leader told me something yesterday that threw me a bit off kilter.  She said, "I want to be there for you but you won't."  This came in response to me telling her to not let someone get her so worked up over such little things.  There is so very much drama there.  It is quite crazy.  One little change and I mean small way that really changes nothing about how we do things caused so much consternation.  I was trying to help. 

I gave the team leader some of the printed instructions I had done on how to do some of the jobs there and they were probably thrown away.  I think it would be better if they took each job and included printed step by step instructions that would allow anyone off the street to come in and do the job.  It can be updated every 6 months or so.  That would be a job for the director so I will ask him about it when he gets there.  Yes it is frightening to think of but everyone is replaceable and the company shouldn't be punished if someone leaves.

Most people hate change I understand that but to not change hurts the businesses for which we work.  It also hurts ourselves by not being able to move with the seasons. 

This is not a criticism post unless it is of me.  I am going to give up criticism for lent, not even constructive criticism.  At least that is what I declared.  We shall see.  I may forget I said that by this afternoon. 

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Vivian M said...

Change is hard, and almost impossible if people are not prepared and open for it. I hope things get better, but it may take a real re-organization to clean house and change mind sets.