Thursday, March 28, 2013

The First Week is Almost Done

And I still am smiling!!  I still very very much love my job.  Everyone is so nice and laid back. Today was the March bday celebrations with cake and ice cream.  Coffee is free all day, no one has to ask and it is good coffee with good creamer options.  As for the work itself, I haven't completed a cycle yet but so far it is good too.

Tonight was parent teacher conference.  I tried once again to reiterate that G will not talk to the teacher if she is having trouble with something or if she doesn't understand something but I really don't the teacher believes me.  I wish she did but she doesn't.  I can tell it by how she responds back to me. 

G told me that her teacher doesn't say the pledge because she doesn't believe it.  Of course coming from G the teacher could have said anything about the pledge and not believing something else and G would mix it up.  So I asked her and what she said was that sometimes she is in the middle of something and doesn't wish to stop doing it to say the pledge and (in my opinion, foolishly) she said that she didn't agree with all of it when the kids asked why she didn't say it with them. 

The part she doesn't agree with is the Justice for All.  Yes, it is a noble idea and as far as ideas go, the USA strives for it though our government has most certainly failed in a lot of cases.  So that issue, I can deal with and explain to G what her teacher was saying.  I understand her teacher's POV and would agree but it doesn't stop me from saying the pledge and caring for this country as well as encouraging G to be proud to be an American as well. 

G is such a bright child and at the same time a wooden literal child and sometimes a very belligerent child (with me).  Most adults do not see this side in her and most don't understand the seriousness of the literal aspect.  It causes problems more often than you would think.  I realize most children at this age are literal but I think some how G takes it even farther.

Anyway, she made straight As and I am proud of her for doing so.  She is off tomorrow so spending the night with the parents so I can go to work really early and get off early for Good Friday.  The older I get the more important Holy Week is.  I don't know why it mattered that I am older but for some reason I took it all for granted.  Christ's sacrifice is not something to take for granted though it is free to accept.  It cost a great deal to reconcile mankind back to G_d and He does it through one heart at a time on the basis of the work Christ did on the cross.  And for that I am thankful.

Happy Easter Everybody!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day One Down

It was gloriously boring.  I mostly read summary descriptions, processes and looked at the company's intranet and HRIS system.  There are several things I need before starting the actual work I am going to do and that is passwords.  I have 2 training programs of around 1 - 2 hours long that didn't get ready for me to do yesterday.  Today I will be tagging along on an acquisition which is really just for me to watch because more than likely I won't actually be going out on those at least for a while if ever.

Lunch hasn't been an issue, they took me out yesterday.  That made my day.  Since I am on the clock though I will not be able to go with them every time which is absolutely fine.  I made it to karate last night too, just a little late so leaving at 5:30 pm is not terrible.  Glad I participated last night as Friday is Good Friday and we don't have karate that night. 

I started on a good day with it being the beginning of the pay week.  So if I receive my last check on Friday like I am supposed to do (if they mail it I may not get it), then all will be well.  If not then I don't know what to do. 

And I can wear jeans (except for today) and most people wear way more casual clothes than I would think casual means.  Not sure yet if I fit in with this group either.  I like them all but different tastes, different hobbies (me, none). 

Still very excited!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Visit to the Botanical Gardens

Tuesday, Mom, G and I headed to he botanical gardens in the big city nearby.  Mom hadn't been in a while and it was very different than when we had gone as children.  G has been with me and the school but really hadn't gotten to see everything.  G loved the Big Back Yard.  We almost couldn't pull her out of it.  Then we got to see the things for the grown ups or that stuff that G is bored with like the tranquility gardens.  Of course it was spring so not much was in bloom.  And it was quite cool. 

Someone made a heart with petals from the camilla tree and G added the heart in the spot of the heart's heart.  Then we all headed out to lunch and to look for flip flops or sandals that don't look like sandals for G. Struck out Tuesday.  Had some success today at the bull's eye store. 
Today we visited my aunt for lunch and it was a great time.  She owns a green house so she is very very busy for several months but today was not as busy for her.  We got to see my cousin and her boys as well.  Always fun to visit family.  I enjoy it anyway. 
Tomorrow is an early morning, breakfast with the parents and surveys the rest of the day.  G will help do whatever or play whatever.  Supposedly, snow is coming.  The couple of places we visited today were already salting the roads.  Wouldn't it be something if it snowed on the second day of spring right in the middle of Spring Break?  Would probably be the latest it has ever snowed in my lifetime.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Activity

This picture is G's drawing from a photo in a calendar.  I think we are going to work on technique this week, not that I am an artist but I can help from what little I do know.  This is colored pencil on white paper.  For an afternoon activity, she did pretty darned good!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Beginning of Spring Break

So Friday was the last day of working at the dr office.  I walked off the job two hours early because I found out the director betrayed my trust.  What can they do to me?  I had had it.  I am tempted to file unemployment against them for emotional distress but probably I won't.  I basically snuck out, no one saw me and I said nothing. 

After leaving I headed for a coffee and then to shop for some casual clothes at wallys world.  Yes, I do shop there and at the red bulls eye mostly.  It is just easier. 

This morning I had to go back to wally world with G to get her some blue jean shorts.  We were successful and got her 3 pairs.  My mom decided to go with us. We not only did the wally world but also went to the local Christian bookstore to pick up a special order from last Saturday. I had ordered a proper music notebook for choir. 

After that we headed to Chucalissa Indian Village museum.  G really enjoyed it more than even I thought she would.  We were twenty minutes late for the "family" day but we all three enjoyed it.  She was allowed to pick out an arrowhead and a carved stone animal (tiny) of which she picked out a turtle.  We got a magnet for the fridge and then we left for lunch. 

While at lunch we decided to attempt to find a new swimsuit for G and surprisingly we were successful at the second stop.  She is really REALLY ticky about what kind of swim suit she wants.  But we found one. 

Then we headed for frappes and lattes and home.  I took a nap on the sofa while G played basketball out in the front yard.  I made pizza for supper while we watched Despicable Me (love it). 

So next week G and I are both off school and work.  We have flip flops and sandals to buy for summer and we will be set.  So very exited about starting the new job.  Thursday and Friday I will be completing the survey so I will have some income next week.  Tomorrow I will check out the old budget and make sure we are in good standing. 

I hopefully will be able to blog a bit more but I am just not taking the pictures like I used to do.  Easter is on the way, biggest holiday on the Christian calendar and thank G_d for it!  Looking forward to my Sunday afternoon nap too.  Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What a Week

So as I was logging on to Google reader where I keep up with everyone and their blogs I get the message that it won't be there after July 1, 2013?  Why?  What other reader system is there?  Anyone know?

So that is an aside.  This week that started out badly at work (again) has now ended well.  I interviewed on Tuesday and was offered the job today which I not only took but forced the HR director to take me as a new employee on Thursday.  Since I rushed her a bit or quite a bit, I called back and left a message that Monday week following would be a better start date because spring break is starting this coming Monday.  It would be better for them I think too.  I will mention it again tomorrow when I pick up the drug screen info. 

I told the new director where I am now that since I am only PRN and that what I was hired to do is completed for the week I could either have my last day be Friday or today.  He asked me to work the week out knowing I have a drug screen for the new job tomorrow morning. 
And, why am I up at 11:09 pm?  Because I had a celebratory venti *bucks latte at 5:30pm because CELEBRATE!!  So now I can't sleep.  Even the other choir members could see the relief in my face.  This is truly a G_D Thing and I am going to treat it as such.  He was instrumental in bringing the last manager there who by the way sent my resume without me knowing (but not against my wishes) to this new company because she had left the dr office and was looking for a job herself.  And I have had my karate class praying for the interview, my parents, my choir and Sunday school class all praying that if it were not to be then I would not be offered. 

I told the current director he could tell the others on Monday that I quit.  I e-mailed him a notice of my leaving as he asked.  I explained that I was at a breaking point that unemployment was looking better and better.  Sadly, the office I will be leaving isn't going to change and if certain persons aren't controlled better then they will be in a bad predicament due to employee manipulations. 

That is now no longer my worry!  And I get to spend a whole spring break with G.  Well, three days of it anyway as I am doing the survey thing again Thurs and Fri.  But still, NEW JOB!  It is also back in HR/benefits where I apparently belong even though I tried to stay out of it, heh.  G_d knows!

Funny thing is the new company is around the corner from the dr office which can be seen from the windows.  The current co-workers don't know what I drive anymore and therefore won't see me. Plus it is to the west of the interstate so we should never meet or pass on the street. 

G is on straight A honor roll of which I am proud and a bit relieved as she had one very VERY bad test week.  Then last Saturday was her last bball game (they lost) but she scored the first 4 points.  My dad was SO VERY PROUD.  I haven't seen him smile like that in a while!

Okay, so I will try to go back to bed because I still have two more days this week to work!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Still Sick and Snotty

I am still coughing (non-productive) and stuffed up plus I have some weird growly sounds coming from my mid section.  Very strange as it isn't hunger and is too low for lungs and there is no pain.  G is seemingly on the mend.  She didn't require any medicine for school this morning.  I on the other hand am still needing med every 4 hours for stuffy nose/head.  I think I feel okay but after today at work I am very tired. 

G on Saturday made 3 baskets in her game.  They still lost but she did really well. I have misplaced some of her stars and it is driving me crazy that I can't find them.  She has one more game and wanted the stars on her shirt to play.  They will all fall off because they don't stick well anyway, but if she wants them then we will put them on this weekend. 

Work is still very stressful and the face to face interview I thought I might have this week has not materialized.  I will e-mail or call the girl tomorrow.  The new director has still not met with anyone individually.  I think he is nice but not sure what he knows, wants to do, understands about the politics of the office yet.  I am trying to be patient, just do the job I am paid to do and leave it there when the day is done.

After work today I treated myself to a *bucks and discovered they have gotten rid of a bunch of the discounts previously offered.  I put $15 on the card so will use it periodically.  I believe I have been to *bucks 3 times now since I started working there in Aug.  This illness has also caused me to not want to drink coffee either.  I normally drink over 40 ounces a day (bring my own fixed thermos to work) but since I have been sick, I just haven't wanted it.  So I suppose I will continue to lose weight like when my cappuccino machine broke.  I probably should eventually work it out of my diet but I do so enjoy a good cup of coffee flavored with vanilla creamer. 

I haven't been back to karate since I tested to green because I have been sick.  I am starting to like the car a bit better because I only filled it up once last Saturday and didn't have to do it again until this past Saturday.  WOOT!  It was still expensive but not like the SUV. 

Okay so here is the update for the day/weekend/week.