Saturday, March 16, 2013

Beginning of Spring Break

So Friday was the last day of working at the dr office.  I walked off the job two hours early because I found out the director betrayed my trust.  What can they do to me?  I had had it.  I am tempted to file unemployment against them for emotional distress but probably I won't.  I basically snuck out, no one saw me and I said nothing. 

After leaving I headed for a coffee and then to shop for some casual clothes at wallys world.  Yes, I do shop there and at the red bulls eye mostly.  It is just easier. 

This morning I had to go back to wally world with G to get her some blue jean shorts.  We were successful and got her 3 pairs.  My mom decided to go with us. We not only did the wally world but also went to the local Christian bookstore to pick up a special order from last Saturday. I had ordered a proper music notebook for choir. 

After that we headed to Chucalissa Indian Village museum.  G really enjoyed it more than even I thought she would.  We were twenty minutes late for the "family" day but we all three enjoyed it.  She was allowed to pick out an arrowhead and a carved stone animal (tiny) of which she picked out a turtle.  We got a magnet for the fridge and then we left for lunch. 

While at lunch we decided to attempt to find a new swimsuit for G and surprisingly we were successful at the second stop.  She is really REALLY ticky about what kind of swim suit she wants.  But we found one. 

Then we headed for frappes and lattes and home.  I took a nap on the sofa while G played basketball out in the front yard.  I made pizza for supper while we watched Despicable Me (love it). 

So next week G and I are both off school and work.  We have flip flops and sandals to buy for summer and we will be set.  So very exited about starting the new job.  Thursday and Friday I will be completing the survey so I will have some income next week.  Tomorrow I will check out the old budget and make sure we are in good standing. 

I hopefully will be able to blog a bit more but I am just not taking the pictures like I used to do.  Easter is on the way, biggest holiday on the Christian calendar and thank G_d for it!  Looking forward to my Sunday afternoon nap too.  Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

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