Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day One Down

It was gloriously boring.  I mostly read summary descriptions, processes and looked at the company's intranet and HRIS system.  There are several things I need before starting the actual work I am going to do and that is passwords.  I have 2 training programs of around 1 - 2 hours long that didn't get ready for me to do yesterday.  Today I will be tagging along on an acquisition which is really just for me to watch because more than likely I won't actually be going out on those at least for a while if ever.

Lunch hasn't been an issue, they took me out yesterday.  That made my day.  Since I am on the clock though I will not be able to go with them every time which is absolutely fine.  I made it to karate last night too, just a little late so leaving at 5:30 pm is not terrible.  Glad I participated last night as Friday is Good Friday and we don't have karate that night. 

I started on a good day with it being the beginning of the pay week.  So if I receive my last check on Friday like I am supposed to do (if they mail it I may not get it), then all will be well.  If not then I don't know what to do. 

And I can wear jeans (except for today) and most people wear way more casual clothes than I would think casual means.  Not sure yet if I fit in with this group either.  I like them all but different tastes, different hobbies (me, none). 

Still very excited!!

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Vivian M said...

Fingers crossed!