Monday, March 04, 2013

Still Sick and Snotty

I am still coughing (non-productive) and stuffed up plus I have some weird growly sounds coming from my mid section.  Very strange as it isn't hunger and is too low for lungs and there is no pain.  G is seemingly on the mend.  She didn't require any medicine for school this morning.  I on the other hand am still needing med every 4 hours for stuffy nose/head.  I think I feel okay but after today at work I am very tired. 

G on Saturday made 3 baskets in her game.  They still lost but she did really well. I have misplaced some of her stars and it is driving me crazy that I can't find them.  She has one more game and wanted the stars on her shirt to play.  They will all fall off because they don't stick well anyway, but if she wants them then we will put them on this weekend. 

Work is still very stressful and the face to face interview I thought I might have this week has not materialized.  I will e-mail or call the girl tomorrow.  The new director has still not met with anyone individually.  I think he is nice but not sure what he knows, wants to do, understands about the politics of the office yet.  I am trying to be patient, just do the job I am paid to do and leave it there when the day is done.

After work today I treated myself to a *bucks and discovered they have gotten rid of a bunch of the discounts previously offered.  I put $15 on the card so will use it periodically.  I believe I have been to *bucks 3 times now since I started working there in Aug.  This illness has also caused me to not want to drink coffee either.  I normally drink over 40 ounces a day (bring my own fixed thermos to work) but since I have been sick, I just haven't wanted it.  So I suppose I will continue to lose weight like when my cappuccino machine broke.  I probably should eventually work it out of my diet but I do so enjoy a good cup of coffee flavored with vanilla creamer. 

I haven't been back to karate since I tested to green because I have been sick.  I am starting to like the car a bit better because I only filled it up once last Saturday and didn't have to do it again until this past Saturday.  WOOT!  It was still expensive but not like the SUV. 

Okay so here is the update for the day/weekend/week. 

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Vivian M said...

Sorry to hear you are still sick...maybe you should stick with green tea until you feel better? You can easily put tea in a thermos. ;o)
Hope things calm down at the office with the new director...fingers crossed!
And hope you find the missing stars...I am like that with Kerri's Brownies badges, it takes me awhile to remember where I put them and then sew them on.
Way to go Miss G on your three baskets! Woot woot!