Thursday, March 28, 2013

The First Week is Almost Done

And I still am smiling!!  I still very very much love my job.  Everyone is so nice and laid back. Today was the March bday celebrations with cake and ice cream.  Coffee is free all day, no one has to ask and it is good coffee with good creamer options.  As for the work itself, I haven't completed a cycle yet but so far it is good too.

Tonight was parent teacher conference.  I tried once again to reiterate that G will not talk to the teacher if she is having trouble with something or if she doesn't understand something but I really don't the teacher believes me.  I wish she did but she doesn't.  I can tell it by how she responds back to me. 

G told me that her teacher doesn't say the pledge because she doesn't believe it.  Of course coming from G the teacher could have said anything about the pledge and not believing something else and G would mix it up.  So I asked her and what she said was that sometimes she is in the middle of something and doesn't wish to stop doing it to say the pledge and (in my opinion, foolishly) she said that she didn't agree with all of it when the kids asked why she didn't say it with them. 

The part she doesn't agree with is the Justice for All.  Yes, it is a noble idea and as far as ideas go, the USA strives for it though our government has most certainly failed in a lot of cases.  So that issue, I can deal with and explain to G what her teacher was saying.  I understand her teacher's POV and would agree but it doesn't stop me from saying the pledge and caring for this country as well as encouraging G to be proud to be an American as well. 

G is such a bright child and at the same time a wooden literal child and sometimes a very belligerent child (with me).  Most adults do not see this side in her and most don't understand the seriousness of the literal aspect.  It causes problems more often than you would think.  I realize most children at this age are literal but I think some how G takes it even farther.

Anyway, she made straight As and I am proud of her for doing so.  She is off tomorrow so spending the night with the parents so I can go to work really early and get off early for Good Friday.  The older I get the more important Holy Week is.  I don't know why it mattered that I am older but for some reason I took it all for granted.  Christ's sacrifice is not something to take for granted though it is free to accept.  It cost a great deal to reconcile mankind back to G_d and He does it through one heart at a time on the basis of the work Christ did on the cross.  And for that I am thankful.

Happy Easter Everybody!


Catching Butterflies 3 said...

I'm really glad you are working at a job you enjoy. I pray it lasts and that you can come into a good season. I am also proud of G for her grades and her patriotism. She is a principled person. You are doing a good job with her.

Vivian M said...

Happy Easter! So proud of Miss G and her straight A's! And love that you are happy in your new job - best news ever!