Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Visit to the Botanical Gardens

Tuesday, Mom, G and I headed to he botanical gardens in the big city nearby.  Mom hadn't been in a while and it was very different than when we had gone as children.  G has been with me and the school but really hadn't gotten to see everything.  G loved the Big Back Yard.  We almost couldn't pull her out of it.  Then we got to see the things for the grown ups or that stuff that G is bored with like the tranquility gardens.  Of course it was spring so not much was in bloom.  And it was quite cool. 

Someone made a heart with petals from the camilla tree and G added the heart in the spot of the heart's heart.  Then we all headed out to lunch and to look for flip flops or sandals that don't look like sandals for G. Struck out Tuesday.  Had some success today at the bull's eye store. 
Today we visited my aunt for lunch and it was a great time.  She owns a green house so she is very very busy for several months but today was not as busy for her.  We got to see my cousin and her boys as well.  Always fun to visit family.  I enjoy it anyway. 
Tomorrow is an early morning, breakfast with the parents and surveys the rest of the day.  G will help do whatever or play whatever.  Supposedly, snow is coming.  The couple of places we visited today were already salting the roads.  Wouldn't it be something if it snowed on the second day of spring right in the middle of Spring Break?  Would probably be the latest it has ever snowed in my lifetime.

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Vivian M said...

It is still snowing here, lol. I love the heart inside the heart! How nice to spend a day with Mom and Grandma at the gardens.