Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What a Week

So as I was logging on to Google reader where I keep up with everyone and their blogs I get the message that it won't be there after July 1, 2013?  Why?  What other reader system is there?  Anyone know?

So that is an aside.  This week that started out badly at work (again) has now ended well.  I interviewed on Tuesday and was offered the job today which I not only took but forced the HR director to take me as a new employee on Thursday.  Since I rushed her a bit or quite a bit, I called back and left a message that Monday week following would be a better start date because spring break is starting this coming Monday.  It would be better for them I think too.  I will mention it again tomorrow when I pick up the drug screen info. 

I told the new director where I am now that since I am only PRN and that what I was hired to do is completed for the week I could either have my last day be Friday or today.  He asked me to work the week out knowing I have a drug screen for the new job tomorrow morning. 
And, why am I up at 11:09 pm?  Because I had a celebratory venti *bucks latte at 5:30pm because CELEBRATE!!  So now I can't sleep.  Even the other choir members could see the relief in my face.  This is truly a G_D Thing and I am going to treat it as such.  He was instrumental in bringing the last manager there who by the way sent my resume without me knowing (but not against my wishes) to this new company because she had left the dr office and was looking for a job herself.  And I have had my karate class praying for the interview, my parents, my choir and Sunday school class all praying that if it were not to be then I would not be offered. 

I told the current director he could tell the others on Monday that I quit.  I e-mailed him a notice of my leaving as he asked.  I explained that I was at a breaking point that unemployment was looking better and better.  Sadly, the office I will be leaving isn't going to change and if certain persons aren't controlled better then they will be in a bad predicament due to employee manipulations. 

That is now no longer my worry!  And I get to spend a whole spring break with G.  Well, three days of it anyway as I am doing the survey thing again Thurs and Fri.  But still, NEW JOB!  It is also back in HR/benefits where I apparently belong even though I tried to stay out of it, heh.  G_d knows!

Funny thing is the new company is around the corner from the dr office which can be seen from the windows.  The current co-workers don't know what I drive anymore and therefore won't see me. Plus it is to the west of the interstate so we should never meet or pass on the street. 

G is on straight A honor roll of which I am proud and a bit relieved as she had one very VERY bad test week.  Then last Saturday was her last bball game (they lost) but she scored the first 4 points.  My dad was SO VERY PROUD.  I haven't seen him smile like that in a while!

Okay, so I will try to go back to bed because I still have two more days this week to work!

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Vivian M said...

Congratulations to you on the new job! And congratulations to Miss G on the straight A's and scoring in her sport! It sounds like G-d has answered all of our prayers, and I am so very thrilled for you!