Friday, April 19, 2013

An Interesting Day

Awoke to the news of one Boston bomber dead and the other on the loose.  Boston and surrounding areas on complete lock down.  I hope they do not take the one alive.  It would be better for the country to not go through a trial where some defense attorney attempts to make a name for him/herself by helping the JIHADI soldier.  Plus since MA hasn't a death penalty there is no reason to pay for his life in jail. 

G had a school program that I was unable to attend but my parents did and said it was really good.  One of her classmates lost his grandfather Tuesday to stroke and short unexplainable illness.  He still performed through tears (because he wanted to).  It is a very sad situation only because this boy and his "pop" have a similarly close relationship like G and her grandad. 

My parents were also able to go see G's painting hanging in the school library.  I am so glad they got to see the real painting not just a photo and that G got to show it them.

This weekend is celebration #1 of G's 9th birthday.  Sunday with the parents will be celebration #2 and next weekend will be celebration #3.  No friends allowed just me and G.  Sunday we will make cake pops at my parents house.  Tomorrow is painting pottery and next Sat is the zoo. 

I still can't believe she will be 9.  Seems at times she is still such a baby and then in a moment I see the grown up she will be too soon.  She is such and awesome kid.  Too bad she has to go to school on her birthday, Monday.  I will have to come up with a grand birthday breakfast anyway. 

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Vivian M said...

Wishing Miss G a very happy 9th birthday!!!!