Monday, April 29, 2013

Best Laid Plans

And all that rot.  So big plans did not materialize because of thunderstorms and rain.  Though G and I did attempt to fix with the all purpose fixer-DuckTape-her punching bag.  So we filled the bottom with sand and taped all the seams but still it is losing air and I am not sure where. Plus the foot pedal air pump doesn't work unless G is in a very precarious position to pump it.  I will have to remember to post a photo of it.  It is rather comical. 

We will try the zoo at a later date because that was the big plans.  This weekend is a birthday celebration for my great aunt who happens to be the last remaining sibling of my Grandmother's family.  It is a big deal to live such a long and good life.

Oh and today begins my 6th week of work at this company for which I am eternally grateful to God for His provision.  As I was talking with a co-worker earlier (who like me has been laid off before) I am still a bit skittish and still waiting for the other shoe to fall.  I just don't think in this economy we can truly let our guards down.  We must be vigilant and always prepared for the worse case scenario. 

Anyway, Happy Monday, y'all.  If you think about it during the week please lift my G up in prayer, she has a sore throat and lots of big tests starting tomorrow.

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Vivian M said...

Keeping Miss G in our thoughts and prayers, hoping she gets well soon! Please tell her Kerri got her letter yesterday and loves the picture! She is finishing up her letter so it should go out this weekend. :)