Monday, April 08, 2013

She Did It!

G completed The Hobbit and tested on it making 100%, earning her 16 AR points. It has been a long time coming. She took a practice test last week and proved to herself that she could do it. Once she took the practice test and still had quite a bit to read she read more quickly.

I printed out the page so she has a visual of this accomplishment. It is now on the fridge so we can go back for encouragement when the next difficult project or book comes up. She now has chosen to begin the Narnia series. She started The Magician's Nephew last night. I am reading the series to her as well. We are almost finished with The Boy and His Horse.

My dad thought The Hobbit was too much for her. I think my dad thought I was pushing too hard. To an extent I was in that the original plan was for her to read the book right behind me. I finished it in Jan or something like that. He felt it was way too difficult for her. But she wanted to see the movie and we agreed to read the book and see the movies as they came out.

She set the challenge herself and succeeded. We are all so proud of her. She even said my dad was proud of her. She had gotten to the point after proving to herself that she could finish it and test well that when she was at my parents my dad would hold the book for her as she read out loud to him. She read several chapters to him that way. He would be able to explain big words to her.
Anyway, trying to type on a tablet is difficult, so I wanted to expound on the post a little.


jennifer said...

Way to go G!! I remember when my son was in 3rd grade and read the Hobbit. His teacher didn't want to discourage him, but didn't want to encourage him either. She ate crow when he got a 100 on the test :). Love it.

Vivian M said...

Wow that is awesome! We loved the Narnia books too.