Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tomorrow Is Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day

It says so on the calendar (G found it looking for holidays to take off school).  And G gets to go with me.  I have permission from my boss and G fulfilled her side of the bargain which was 100% on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  So she is 6 points away from a total of 100 AR points for the year.  I think the school though is going to cut AR off on May 3 even though there is still 3 weeks of school left.

Seems this year has gone so very fast.  They have their field trip on Friday and a party in two weeks for the end of AR.  She will miss some of her tests tomorrow though and I doubt it will be a supported day of going with me to work. 

I picked up G's plate today but will post photos tomorrow.  I left it in the car until she comes home in 45 mins or so.  I will meet her in the driveway to show her and my parents at the same time.  They pick her up on Wednesday nights because she goes to their church for GAs. Usually I have choir but we have been out for the past two weeks.  Starting back next Wednesday.

So I have some thoughts on G's birthday or at least on some things she brought up on her birthday.  I just am not sure that blogging about it is a good idea.  She is old enough now to care what is reported so I am and have been being careful to not put too much out there recently.  Sadly I haven't even been good about taking photos of her.  Lazy I suppose.

Anyway, I have to go plan what we will bring for her to play with tomorrow at work. Definitely, her games.  I suppose I will take her to lunch or maybe we will just bring our lunches like I always do. 

Have a great rest of the week.

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Vivian M said...

Hope you both have an awesome day at work! Happy birthday, beautiful Miss G!