Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday night G told me that we had to plan to spend the day with my mom because my dad was going for disaster relief on Saturday.  So Saturday morning G and I headed out for breakfast at my mom's and then to wally world for yet more shorts for G for summer. 

Mom and I made breakfast and much to my mother's dismay she discovered that I still burn my self every time I cook more than 1 thing at a time.  It is inevitable.  She told me that she thought I would out grow it and I pointed out that I believe it is worse now.  Seriously, I grabbed the handle of an iron skillet that was just pulled out of the oven.  I happen to just be brilliant like that.

Anyway, after the breakfast was over, G, mom and I headed out to get shorts.  The last time we shopped for school/summer shorts we came away with 3 pairs but realized there are 6 days needed.  There were only 3 pairs that worked the last time we shopped so Saturday we found, thankfully 3 more pairs under $7.  I was very grateful to find the Bermuda style short in khaki and blue jean material.  I very much dislike the "hoochie mama" short styles for G.  Now however she should be good for the rest of the summer and Sunday church outfits. 

While we were at wally world, G's little friend called to see if she could come play.  I said she could then mom and I dropped G off at said friend's house then we headed to the big city.  Mom was looking for brown spot facial remover so to the mall we went.  I found some really cute shirts DEEPLY discounted and a skirt also deeply discounted.  I also found a pair of cowboy boots (very cute) and a pair of flip flops for the house and another pair for work (under $10).  Everything was impulse purchase for me but I then Sunday after church cleaned out my closet to make room for the new. 

I still have some cleaning to do but I need to wait another fall/winter season to see what I am going to wear at this job as far as long sleeve dress shirts go.  I was looking for a pair of jeans but didn't really find anything. May head to the red spot shop on Wed to search. 

Mom and I had lunch and then off to ice cream for her and vanilla chai tea for me.  When we got back to her house, sans G who was still having fun at friend's house, we saw the first hummingbird of the summer.  That set of the search for all mom's bird feeders which ended in a call to dad because we were looking for the wrong box.  Once that was done and the feeder was full, I headed off to pick up G then home for dinner (which for G ended up being dinner and her missed lunch) then bed. 

Sunday, both G and I cleaned and organized.  I got my nap in while G played with legos and read.  She lacks 1 chapter in the Magician's Nephew then she will test on it in AR and start another book.  Again, I looked forward to coming to work today, such a change from the last several decades! 

And that is our weekend re-cap.  Have a great week!

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Vivian M said...

What a productive weekend!