Friday, April 26, 2013

What to Do When You Go to Work with Mom...

You end up watching Cartoon Network on the office TV, wishing desperately that you hadn't skipped school. 
This was after getting in a wee bit of trouble for forgetting (after being reminded several times to be quiet) that her voice carries and yelling "boo" behind me around other employees trying to work.  For the most part she was wonderful but sometimes she forgets that she can be seen and heard by other people. 

We did end up leaving 30 mins early which meant I have to make it up today. No biggie.  I had gotten used to 30 min lunches.  We also had to get to the bank yesterday before 5pm because all the bank convenient hours seem to be disappearing in this economy. 

So we have big plans for Saturday and if I am not too tired I will post about it Saturday or Sunday.


Vivian M said...

Hope you had an awesome weekend!

Brandi said...

Ha! I remember going to work with my mom when I was younger. I thought it would be so fun to miss a day of school to hang out with a bunch of adults. Little did I know I would be working too. Glad you enjoyed the workday with your little one!!