Friday, May 31, 2013


My earring has been found.  I texted the choir director to tell her I lost it and I thought it might be somewhere at church Wed.  This morning when the power came back on and woke me up, I saw a text from her saying it had been found.  I am so thankful.  I was fearing the worst as I had gone to lunch with work friends and was very afraid it had dropped at the restaurant.  So I will get it Sunday when I get to church!  Yea! 

G spent the night with my parents.  When I called them yesterday while I was driving home, mom said that G and dad were out shooting.  Haven't a clue what except that at some point dad came to get the targets for practice.  I suspect they were scaring rabits and squirrels.  I doubt seriously that anything died as a result of her shooting.

So today I was able to get to work pretty early and am hoping to leave fairly early.  Next week I will have G and her friend will be at VBS nearby and then with me for lunch.  I have lots of planning to do for the next week for the girls.  Early day everyday, hopefully not late day any day!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last Day of 3rd Grade

Otherwise titled:  G's 3rd Grade Teacher Hates Me!
Case in point:  Do you see this bell?  Yes, G's teacher gave her this bell with instructions not to irritate your mother.  Really?  What 3rd grader doesn't relish the idea of irritating her mother?  That bell is loud; I can attest to that fact.  G was so very proud of it because every child wanted it just so they could irritate their mothers  since it was the best bell the teacher had.  Ms Teacher gave it to G in private with instructions to not tell any other child she was the receipient of it. 

The bell may accidentally get lost soon, very soon.  This is G right before we left this morning.  See how blurry she is with all the other stuff like broom/mop handles and junk on the counter in extreme focus?  yeah, G got tickled right at the time I snapped the pic with my phone camera.  And I need new glasses because I am not usually a terrible photographer (not good, just not terrible)  Sadly, she still looks much older than a soon to be after today 4th grader. :-{ 

Anyway, after today she moves to a new school building which is already giving me panic attacks with regard to drop off and pick ups.  She has a very busy June and a not so very busy July in which I will probably hear the words, "I'm bored" until my head explodes. 

And in even more depressing news (the first being my child growing up right before my eyes), I lost a gold hoop earring last night.  Have no idea where and why didn't anyone ask why I was attempting to look like a pirate with the 1 hoop still in?  The earrings have more sentimental value than true value though they are gold.  I bought them in Florence on my first trip to Europe.  I really liked them and have only recently been coming out of the black funk to want to wear jewelry so I rarely wore them.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Holiday Weekend and other Ramblings

All was quiet on this side of the world (for us anyway).  Saturday G went swimming with her friend and decided she was grown enough to ignore mama's rule of sunscreen usage.  Saturday evening she was in a bit of pain.  Aloe to the rescue as well as a promise to never ever swim without sunscreen! 

First sunburn, who says adoptive parents don't get to celebrate a lot of firsts, heh.  Call me a sunscreen nassi, because I am.  And yes, little brown Chinese girls do sunburn, friend!

My consolation was that the friends are bright white which means they had to have been hurting much worse than G.  All the girls were sun kissed at first glance just later realization hit that the sun gave them painful hick*ys, heh.

Work is still very very good.  Loving my job.  We were given 3 extra hours of holiday on Friday which was very nice.  G and I had karate Friday night but will be out until June, so a short break.

Saturday my mom called out of the blue and said, "Let's go somewhere."  I said, "I am on my way.  G is at a friend's. Let's go."  She and I went shopping for shorts that don't try to fall down around my knees and a belt to hold the ones up that do.  Much success was found.  Even in the swimsuit area I was able to find a reasonably priced (hard to do in summer) swim set (shorts and top) which will obviously hopefully last a right long time for me.

I even struck cheap on G a different swimsuit so she now has two which can be switched in and out for cleaning and drying purposes.  Hers luckily fell in at less than $20 and she even liked the top and shorts.  She is rather modest in her swim choices so finding one is difficult and becoming more so with age.  I don't know why swim makers think everyone wishes to see pre-pubescent girls in all their poochy glory with bikinis and high legs on swimsuits but some of us really don't!  Cover them up.  A. it protects the skin from the sun and B. it looks better to not show all that fluff!  Yeah, I am old, what of it?

Sunday we hung out at my parents. I napped and it was good.  G swam with a cousin. No sunburns this time.  Sunday night, G and I watched Prince Caspian on Amazon which took a bit of an effort due to the lack of continual streaming so the 2 1/2 hour movie was more like 3 or so and it kept stopping at inconvenient times.  I think, not having seen the Voyage of the Dawn Trader, PC is my fave.  The stone table scene in the LW&W is difficult for me in movie and in book.  G fell asleep in the middle but woke up (after who knows how long) to see the end.  We both fell asleep after midnight.  That is what holidays are for right?

Monday we hung out at my parents.  Sensing a theme?  We hang out with my parents when work and school is out mostly.  To me it is just fun.  G, my mom and I went to visit a friend and her newish baby (almost 5 months old) then out to the hobby store where G spent $25 of her money on stuff to do.  Then to G's favorite restaurant with the child eating toilet (sensitive sensor don't ya know?).  We have had two very difficult back to back incidents with that toilet.  G can't stand the sound of flushing toilets and she has a fear of getting sucked in, anyway; this toilet does nothing to assuage her fears.

G is out of school one day this week and will be a 4th grader (where'd the time go?).  Last week she and the other 3rd graders took a field trip to the new school.  Each child was given a booklet created by a current 4th grade student.  The booklet G received is filled with so many grammar and spelling errors that the school should be ashamed to pass it out.  Really, this is a 4th grader's work?  G and I had a great time finding all the errors.  I haven't a problem if a child can't do the work or is a bit slow but don't advertise the fact that apparently teaching has failed at least this one student.  This was not their best idea.  I may start applying for private education grants over the summer.  I can't take out a loan for elementary school, but I don't have her standardized test scores to apply to schools and for grants, yet either. 

No kid left behind = big mistake and common core = even bigger mistake!!

Anyhoo, today feels like Monday which throws the rest of the week off for me.  Four day week though is great.  I am severly behind in laudry, UGH!  Ready for another long weekend, hello, Labor Day, anyone?  July 4 is on a Thursday so that messes up the whole long weekend thing.

This year, as soon as the PTO kicks in, G and I are going on a 4 day vacay, just the two of us.  As the time and details get closer I will mention more about it though probably not the actual dates or place until after we are back.  Something about internet safety or lack thereof will keep me from posting too much until after.  Let's just say that we are both very excited about it, even though it is a longer drive than I expected. 

Well, I suppose this catches the blog up to today.  I put Memorial Day observance on FB though I do not wish to neglect the blog. 

Thanks to all the men and women who have given all for our freedom.  Thanks to those who have served and are serving and to their families for their sacrifices throughout our history.  God Bless the USA!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Funny Bedtime Story

Only because it happened at bedtime sort of.

Last night was the church children's program.  The pastor after it was over informed the audience to make sure parents get their children because the choir director hyped them up with Mt. Dew and candy.  I really thought not much about it but laughed politely.

As I was getting ready for bed at 8:30pm, G tells me that she drank something yellow at choir and liked it but didn't know what it was.  I said, "Oh? It wasn't lemonade?"  She said, "No, I don't think so."

At 10 pm when G was still not going to sleep the events added up in my brain.  G drank Mt. Dew at choir and now she was suffering with the whole caffeine keeping her awake.  G doesn't drink sodas because they burn her and if she does it is a sprite/water mix, her choice.  So yeah, half a Mt. Dew after 5 pm threw G into a caffeine stupor.  And being the caring mom I am I pretended to be asleep so she would leave me alone and quit asking me questions, heh. 

Sadly, at 10 pm I couldn't actually do anything about the hyper because it was too late to give her a benadryl to help her sleep.  At 8 pm had I realized what was in the very near future for her I could have given her one.  She was still a bit groggy this morning and I have no idea what time she actually fell asleep.  I am not actually going to be surprised if she is a wee bit grumpy tonight.  At least I hope I will remember to not be surprised.

And, today is the 8th anniversary of referral day.  The first picture I received was a faxed picture of what looked to be a very grumpy baby.  She def. had the Mao face, heh.  By the way, that hasn't really changed.  The biggest comment I get from adults about G is "She won't speak to me."  So, yeah, that's my baby!  Happy Referral day to all the previous Monkeys in Waiting group (at least I think that was what we called ourselves.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Greg Gutfeld: "Liberals always say, 'stay out of our bedrooms' but then (they) crawl up our a*s" in regards to IRS scandal, TSA, and Obamacare.

A Cautionary Tale and a Dire Warning

Wed, I received a call on the cell from a person claiming to represent Dell.  I haven't had lots of good feelings with Dell over the past year and there has been several previous attempts of fraud on my Dell account in previous years and this was no exception.  So the girl tells me that Dell has been alerted to foreign attempts of hacking on my computer and she needs me to turn it off and back on so she can give me instructions. 

I told her that I was at work and couldn't do that so she needed to just give me the instructions.  She was adamant that she be on the phone with me.  So I have alarm bells ringing in my head over this insistence and I am not pleasant to her because I dislike Dell so but we arrange a time for her to call back.  After she hangs up I call the number back and low and behold the number is disconnected.  So I call Dell directly.  I know they have records of conversations and I suspect this person had access of Dell records or got access some how though Dell claims privacy is their top priority.  I know that there is a leak somehow because the cell I use is not in my name but this person specifically asked for me.  The cell I use is associated with my name as far as Dell is concerned because I bought my computer from them. 

So anyway I spoke with Dell, gave them the fraudulent number and was given confirmation that my computer is not dinging or alerting anyone about anything.  So I determined if the girl was dumb enough to believe I would answer the phone then I would just either not answer to answer to tell her I know about her fraud.  So here I am thinking this is over but Wed night there was two attempted calls and yesterday they blew my cell up calling back.  One number I put in Google to see where it originated and low and behold (put on your shocked face, NOT) it comes from West Bengal India.  So now they are calling from an unknown number (displays that way), the original disconnected number, the original disconnected number with 2 digits transposed and some number from West Bengal India. 

Then I have this very bad feeling that this person who called may not actually be at the root of the fraud and a disturbing thought keeps popping in my head, what if she is a slave or kidnapped victim who is beaten when she can't get someone to fall for the trap?  It is not implausible so I pray for her situation because obviously I can't know and can't help.  But I can warn all of the readers of the blog to beware of any attempt at access to your computer or information. Always offer to call back to whatever company they are claiming to provide any info because more than likely if you call the true company number then it won't be the person who called you.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Finally Finished the Zoo

We spent 7 1/2 hours at the zoo on Saturday because when you let the membership expire and pay full price you stay the whole day.  We saw everything but didn't do everything.  This was the last thing G wished to do for her birthday and this Saturday was the first day we had perfect weather and no other plans.  G had a blast taking pictures with both my camera and my flip.  I didn't take her camera because I knew the batteries were not charged. 

We were able to touch the sting rays.  That was fun.  They would literally turn around in the water to swim under your hand then swim slowly so you could pet them.  One bumped my hand with its nose and at first it startled me but then I was able to pet it.  The flip video camera was frozen so I was not able to get any videos of that which I wish now I had. I was able to get it working for the rest of the day. 

G was not having much of touching the sting rays. Her reasoning was that although they had not yet stung anyone (stingers were trimmed) they could and it would be her luck they would get her.  There were also hammer head sharks and other type of small sharks in the pool that if you tried you could touch.  Some of the rays were huge. One could easily have been as big as a double bed.  It was a neat experience.

Then Sunday was mother's day and we headed for my mom's.  Lunch was left over from my great aunt's party but it was still pretty good.  Then I took a long nap which was lovely.  Of course that meant I was having trouble going to sleep last night but the nap was so worth it. 

I will post photos of the zoo later.  Now time to start the day.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Made it for G's second part of bday celebration: a trip to the zoo. Perfect weather. Touched stingrays too. That was interesting. Very willing to be touched.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Family for the Weekend

My great aunt on my dad's side turns 90 tomorrow so her son and daughter-in-law asked my parents to host a birthday party for her.  Most of her nieces and nephews with their children were there.  So G got to meet and play with 3rd cousins most of the day Saturday. 

My aunt had only the one son and he and his wife had no children so this side of the family is pretty small.  She is the baby of her family as well and the last living sibling on that side (my dad's mother's youngest sister).  She has been a widow for a long time.  I hardly remember my uncle. 

This side of the family hasn't gotten together in almost 6 years.  My dad's father's family gets together around father's day every year but I suspect that will start to wane in the near future.  There are 3 siblings left on that side of the family with 1st, 2nd and now 3rd cousins who make the majority of the party.  Most of us don't know each other except for the once a year gatherings.

Anyway, family is family and if it wasn't for being related I would miss out on knowing a lot of great people.  It was fun on Saturday, the rain held off and the kids played outside until they were totally exhausted.  I think some of the first cousins (my dad's generation) have decided to get together again next year. 

I saw my dad show his surprised face when he saw a 1st cousin he hadn't seen in a very long time.  My stoic dad doesn't show much emotion at all and I hardly ever know what he is thinking but when he saw his cousin I could see his happy surprised face.

Sunday, I took a good long nap while G painted my mother's mother's day present.  She also made two cards, one for teacher appreciation week and one for my dad's bday which actually was last Thursday.  Then she made origami weapons for the rest of the evening.  She made a paper boomerang that really works.  She made one balloon as well and has been blowing the thing up now for two days.  She is really into the throwing stars and paper airplanes right now.  No flowers or animals for this girl-o-mine.

Saturday after the party, I took her to spend her award money on a pretty blue underarmour shirt.  She has basically worn that shirt ever since with exception of Sunday morning church and to school.  But she is wearing it for karate tonight and has slept in it two nights.  She is in love with that shirt!  She has talked about it for two days straight to the point that I have totally asked her to stop talking about the shirt!  When she gets excited about something she talks about it asking questions about it and dreaming up scenarios about it, incessantly.  Then she had the nerve to ask me how I knew when she was excited about something, heh.

I still love my job but I am so tired today for some reason that sleep really sounded like a much better alternative to work.  I also didn't have time to pack a lunch thank goodness for a soup I brought a while ago. 

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Terrible Photo of Wonderful Award

This blue ribbon award won by G for this picture.

We just received notice and I think the top three award winners were from G's school. I am so very excited for G.  She and the other two winners had their photo taken for the paper.  That makes roughly the 3rd time she has been in the paper this school year alone.  Thankfully she seems to be naturally  humble or doesn't realize the significance of it.  I on the other hand know what a treasure she is.  Of course I am not biased either! heh

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Afternoons After School

When I got to my parents to pick G up after work this is what I saw.  I knew they were hunting squirrels and I wondered what exactly they would do if she accidentally shot one because it would most definitely be by accident.She came to me and excitedly said, "Did you see that?  He was so scared."  Heh...

She never actually planned on hitting the little bugger.  My dad explained they were just trying to scare them away.  There are some rather large, plumb red squirrels this year.