Friday, May 17, 2013

A Cautionary Tale and a Dire Warning

Wed, I received a call on the cell from a person claiming to represent Dell.  I haven't had lots of good feelings with Dell over the past year and there has been several previous attempts of fraud on my Dell account in previous years and this was no exception.  So the girl tells me that Dell has been alerted to foreign attempts of hacking on my computer and she needs me to turn it off and back on so she can give me instructions. 

I told her that I was at work and couldn't do that so she needed to just give me the instructions.  She was adamant that she be on the phone with me.  So I have alarm bells ringing in my head over this insistence and I am not pleasant to her because I dislike Dell so but we arrange a time for her to call back.  After she hangs up I call the number back and low and behold the number is disconnected.  So I call Dell directly.  I know they have records of conversations and I suspect this person had access of Dell records or got access some how though Dell claims privacy is their top priority.  I know that there is a leak somehow because the cell I use is not in my name but this person specifically asked for me.  The cell I use is associated with my name as far as Dell is concerned because I bought my computer from them. 

So anyway I spoke with Dell, gave them the fraudulent number and was given confirmation that my computer is not dinging or alerting anyone about anything.  So I determined if the girl was dumb enough to believe I would answer the phone then I would just either not answer to answer to tell her I know about her fraud.  So here I am thinking this is over but Wed night there was two attempted calls and yesterday they blew my cell up calling back.  One number I put in Google to see where it originated and low and behold (put on your shocked face, NOT) it comes from West Bengal India.  So now they are calling from an unknown number (displays that way), the original disconnected number, the original disconnected number with 2 digits transposed and some number from West Bengal India. 

Then I have this very bad feeling that this person who called may not actually be at the root of the fraud and a disturbing thought keeps popping in my head, what if she is a slave or kidnapped victim who is beaten when she can't get someone to fall for the trap?  It is not implausible so I pray for her situation because obviously I can't know and can't help.  But I can warn all of the readers of the blog to beware of any attempt at access to your computer or information. Always offer to call back to whatever company they are claiming to provide any info because more than likely if you call the true company number then it won't be the person who called you.

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Vivian M said...

I never release info to someone who calls me, I let them leave a message and then I call the company back myself with the number I have, not the one left on the message.
You did the right thing, so glad you did not fall for the fraud scheme!