Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Funny Bedtime Story

Only because it happened at bedtime sort of.

Last night was the church children's program.  The pastor after it was over informed the audience to make sure parents get their children because the choir director hyped them up with Mt. Dew and candy.  I really thought not much about it but laughed politely.

As I was getting ready for bed at 8:30pm, G tells me that she drank something yellow at choir and liked it but didn't know what it was.  I said, "Oh? It wasn't lemonade?"  She said, "No, I don't think so."

At 10 pm when G was still not going to sleep the events added up in my brain.  G drank Mt. Dew at choir and now she was suffering with the whole caffeine keeping her awake.  G doesn't drink sodas because they burn her and if she does it is a sprite/water mix, her choice.  So yeah, half a Mt. Dew after 5 pm threw G into a caffeine stupor.  And being the caring mom I am I pretended to be asleep so she would leave me alone and quit asking me questions, heh. 

Sadly, at 10 pm I couldn't actually do anything about the hyper because it was too late to give her a benadryl to help her sleep.  At 8 pm had I realized what was in the very near future for her I could have given her one.  She was still a bit groggy this morning and I have no idea what time she actually fell asleep.  I am not actually going to be surprised if she is a wee bit grumpy tonight.  At least I hope I will remember to not be surprised.

And, today is the 8th anniversary of referral day.  The first picture I received was a faxed picture of what looked to be a very grumpy baby.  She def. had the Mao face, heh.  By the way, that hasn't really changed.  The biggest comment I get from adults about G is "She won't speak to me."  So, yeah, that's my baby!  Happy Referral day to all the previous Monkeys in Waiting group (at least I think that was what we called ourselves.


jennifer said...

Happy Referral Day! We were the monkey's as well. We were March Monkey's. Those were the days :).

Vivian M said...

Happy referral anniversary!

I didn't find this funny...sorry, but I think it was not appropriate for the kids to be given Mountain Dew without the parent's consent. Kerri is not allowed to drink soda at all (thankfully she doesn't like the fizz in the pop anyway).

Hope Miss G feels better and can catch up on some sleep, as well as you! Have a great weekend. :o)