Monday, May 06, 2013

Family for the Weekend

My great aunt on my dad's side turns 90 tomorrow so her son and daughter-in-law asked my parents to host a birthday party for her.  Most of her nieces and nephews with their children were there.  So G got to meet and play with 3rd cousins most of the day Saturday. 

My aunt had only the one son and he and his wife had no children so this side of the family is pretty small.  She is the baby of her family as well and the last living sibling on that side (my dad's mother's youngest sister).  She has been a widow for a long time.  I hardly remember my uncle. 

This side of the family hasn't gotten together in almost 6 years.  My dad's father's family gets together around father's day every year but I suspect that will start to wane in the near future.  There are 3 siblings left on that side of the family with 1st, 2nd and now 3rd cousins who make the majority of the party.  Most of us don't know each other except for the once a year gatherings.

Anyway, family is family and if it wasn't for being related I would miss out on knowing a lot of great people.  It was fun on Saturday, the rain held off and the kids played outside until they were totally exhausted.  I think some of the first cousins (my dad's generation) have decided to get together again next year. 

I saw my dad show his surprised face when he saw a 1st cousin he hadn't seen in a very long time.  My stoic dad doesn't show much emotion at all and I hardly ever know what he is thinking but when he saw his cousin I could see his happy surprised face.

Sunday, I took a good long nap while G painted my mother's mother's day present.  She also made two cards, one for teacher appreciation week and one for my dad's bday which actually was last Thursday.  Then she made origami weapons for the rest of the evening.  She made a paper boomerang that really works.  She made one balloon as well and has been blowing the thing up now for two days.  She is really into the throwing stars and paper airplanes right now.  No flowers or animals for this girl-o-mine.

Saturday after the party, I took her to spend her award money on a pretty blue underarmour shirt.  She has basically worn that shirt ever since with exception of Sunday morning church and to school.  But she is wearing it for karate tonight and has slept in it two nights.  She is in love with that shirt!  She has talked about it for two days straight to the point that I have totally asked her to stop talking about the shirt!  When she gets excited about something she talks about it asking questions about it and dreaming up scenarios about it, incessantly.  Then she had the nerve to ask me how I knew when she was excited about something, heh.

I still love my job but I am so tired today for some reason that sleep really sounded like a much better alternative to work.  I also didn't have time to pack a lunch thank goodness for a soup I brought a while ago. 

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Vivian M said...

Happy belated birthday to your dad! Family reunions can be fun.
Hope you get some much needed rest and Miss G lets you wash that shirt!