Monday, May 13, 2013

Finally Finished the Zoo

We spent 7 1/2 hours at the zoo on Saturday because when you let the membership expire and pay full price you stay the whole day.  We saw everything but didn't do everything.  This was the last thing G wished to do for her birthday and this Saturday was the first day we had perfect weather and no other plans.  G had a blast taking pictures with both my camera and my flip.  I didn't take her camera because I knew the batteries were not charged. 

We were able to touch the sting rays.  That was fun.  They would literally turn around in the water to swim under your hand then swim slowly so you could pet them.  One bumped my hand with its nose and at first it startled me but then I was able to pet it.  The flip video camera was frozen so I was not able to get any videos of that which I wish now I had. I was able to get it working for the rest of the day. 

G was not having much of touching the sting rays. Her reasoning was that although they had not yet stung anyone (stingers were trimmed) they could and it would be her luck they would get her.  There were also hammer head sharks and other type of small sharks in the pool that if you tried you could touch.  Some of the rays were huge. One could easily have been as big as a double bed.  It was a neat experience.

Then Sunday was mother's day and we headed for my mom's.  Lunch was left over from my great aunt's party but it was still pretty good.  Then I took a long nap which was lovely.  Of course that meant I was having trouble going to sleep last night but the nap was so worth it. 

I will post photos of the zoo later.  Now time to start the day.

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Vivian M said...

So awesome! I would be afraid to touch the sting rays too. Looking forward to seeing the pictures, and hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!